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imperialism & war

IRAQIS LOVE THEIR CHILDREN TOO - protest Buffalo, NY vid on www.snowshoefilms.c

NO to War --Buffalo peace groups protest war; speakers include educators, religious leaders, peace activists, puppeteers, folk singers and a brass band.
sponsored by WNY Peace Center and Pax Christi. see the video at www.snowshoefilms.com
IRAQIS LOVE THEIR CHILDREN TOO Buffalo, NY October 6, 2002 Peace activists say NO to Bush Jr.'s demand for dictatorial powers to wage war on Iraq, already a victim of crimes against humanity initiated by Bush Sr. Echoing the views of many present, Rep. John La Falce (D-Tonawanda) said: "I would not want to delegate this much responsibility [to declare war, in perpetuity] to any president, much less this president... " But does the US hate Iraqi children? These crimes date to Desert Storm and over a decade of sanctions. The Nazis tried to destroy the evidence of such crimes at the end of the war. Bush Jr. is about to cover up his father's crimes by committing more. www.wnypeace.org
10 min film seen at www.snowshoefilms.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.snowshoefilms.co

What a load 13.Oct.2002 13:18

Fat-White-Republican(millions of us)

boy, the dung just keeps getting stacked higher and higher at this website.

The squealing and whining you people do on this website about the pending war is so insignificant, it is to the point of being laughable.

FACT 1: The war is going to happen, Hussein is going to die, Iraq with have a new government, the world oil price in two years will be half what it is today because of the lifting of sanctions.

FACT 2: All the kicking and screaming from the 23 people who visit this website won't make any difference to FACT 1.

FACT 3: You are stuck with bush until 2008.

FACT 4: See Facts 1 thru 3.

then go away, republicant! 13.Oct.2002 14:06

goodbye doggie

so uh, what are you still doing here, you Fat white republicant?

If we can't Do or change anything then why not just leave? dont you have something better to do? like jacking off or eating bugs? i mean, ANYTHING seems better than going to a site that is filled with people you hate and bothering them.

If you think someone is stupid and weak and unable to accomplish said task then making fun of them (online no less!) could not be more of a waste of time.

It makes you seem....

A) like a stupid fucking asshole.
b) like you are worried and you are trying to stop them.
C) see A and B.

thanks so much for showing up and don't let the door or any of us hit you in the teeth on the way out! Heee!

Really FWR? You got the inside scoop?!! 13.Oct.2002 22:53


Are bush's handlers really gonna be able to steal that many votes in 2004? I mean it'll take millions to re-elect Mister One-term Mouthpiece. Do you really know their plans or you just having a wet dream out loud again?