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We need you next Sunday!
While at the wonderful gathering and march for peace yesterday here in Portland it was announced that the peace community is going to form a circle 5 miles in circumference next Sunday, the 20th. Without further ado, I will just publish the information.

From Penny Kennedy, Families for Peace:

" Families for Peace is reaching out to other peace organizations, as well as to the educational and faith communities, to enlist
the participation of all who believe that a peaceful solution is preferable -- and possible. You'll join hands with 5,000 men, women,
and children and create the giant Circle For Peace -- a circle calling for A Better Way to Achieve and Keep World Peace.

PLEASE JOIN US. PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK! And certainly to your friends, families,
co-workers. Or let us do it for you. If you want hard copies to pass out or post, call Penny Kennedy, 503.274.2310. Time is short!

Special volunteers -- who arrive early, about 2:00 pm; pick up a pole with streamers on it, and stand in pre-marked spots along the
route. This will give a visual of the circle throughout the event (which will disperse no later than 4:00 pm). Also, give information
about what's to occur, and report any non-peaceful activities. Piece of cake! Call Nancy Kurkinen 503.227.0748 or Penny
Kennedy 503.274.2310. Thank you!

For members or friends of any Faith Community - You are needed to spread the word to other members, and also to pass out
flyers after services 10/12, 10/13, 10/19, 10/20. Very helpful if you can put information in bulletins or newsletters.

Donations to defray costs of printing and supplies for the event would be gratefully accepted. Checks payable to Families for
Peace. Send to N. Kurkinen, 242 SW Parkside Dr., Portland, OR 97205.

Bring signs, sing, amd above all, let's begin the peaceful way for generations to come."

If this works, here is the poster for the event, in .pdf format

In Peace,
OOPS! 13.Oct.2002 08:48

Robin dancerdolphin@excite.com

Now I know why I "always" :-) use spell check, which I didn't this time,
GIAT should be Giant........I am sitting on the floor in front of my communication computer with the monitor at floor level with my keyboard in my lap and drinking my first cuppa. I am used to having an editor red-line my articles prior to printing, when I was a "real reporter" for L.B. Free Press.
Red-faced and embarrased,

Pre-Emptive Strike 13.Oct.2002 08:56

Relatively Exact

This is so predictable that I think I'd better say it quickly as A JOKE before one of these trolls picks it up:

"I'VE GOT YOUR 'N' RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!"

how to fix errors 13.Oct.2002 10:00

pdx indy editorial volunteer

hey robin -- if you make a mistake like this that you want to correct, just go ahead and re-post the article the way it should look. then the first article will be hidden from the newswire as a duplicate (unless it has rec'd comments, in which case it stays up anyway).

Where? 14.Oct.2002 20:29

The Cannon

Where is this circle of peace?

Location is everything... 14.Oct.2002 20:45

Don't Be Shy

...or something. Again, where is this circle going to be?

PDF file not downloading 16.Oct.2002 20:26


The pdf file of the flier isn't downloading. So if you could tell us the information about where people are gathering that would be great.