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Daily Compost Bin - started 10/13

the bin. not as fun as The Bins.
here are the posts that have been composted today (10/13). these posts are not "censored" -- they are simply sorted to this bin so they take up less space on the newswire. portland indymedia is for people working to make positive change in the world in the struggle againt global corporate tyranny in all its forms, and posts on that theme should not be knocked off the newswire by spam posted up just to disrupt the site.

at saturday's editorial mtg, volunteers consensed to this compost bin approach to dealing with spam:

The exact words:

* Newswire items: editorial volunteers are empowered to group "spam" type
newswire stories into a "compost bin" newswire story on a regular basis, as
needed. The bin post will include an email address where people can write with
concerns. Alerts should be sent to the editorial list when a bin is created
with the URL.
* Comments: editorial volunteers are empowered to hide comments of a disruptive
nature. An alert should be sent to the editorial list with the text (if
practical) and the reasoning.

if you have any concerns about what has been placed here int he bin, write to  imc-portland-editorial@indymedia.org