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The REAL joint resolution of Congress

At last! The unexpurgated resolution passed by both Houses of Congress Thursday. Never before so truthfully articulated. And now you know the REST of the story.

Joint Resolution to Authorize the use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq

Whereas the nation of Iraq has substantial oil and gas reserves,

Whereas over the past decade certain executives in the oil and gas industry have donated generously to various political campaigns of President George W. Bush, and many were in fact "Bush Pioneers" in the 2000 presidential campaign,

Whereas the return of weapons inspectors and the subsequent destruction of any weapons programs would allow Saddam Hussein to remain in power, where Saddam Hussein would be able to complete various agreements with nations such as France and Russia designed to exploit Iraq's oil and gas resources without the participation of Bush Pioneers,

Whereas Bush Pioneers would be therefore be financially harmed if Saddam Hussein were allowed to remain in power, even if Saddam were completely disarmed, as a result of these agreements,

Therefore, the United States Congress hereby authorizes the President to use of United States Armed Forces to commence an unprovoked attack against Iraq, regardless of whether Iraq agrees to allow weapons inspectors to return or to otherwise disarm, with or without the participation of the UN or any other nation, and in direct violation of all established conventions of international law, for the express purpose of removing Saddam Hussein from power, thereby advancing the interests of Bush Pioneers.

In making this authorization, the Congress hereby further recognizes that the following observations shall be considered unpatriotic:

Throughout the nineteen eighties, the United States government provided substantial military assistance to Saddam Hussein,

As a result of that assistance, the government of Iraq was able to establish a substantial chemical weapons program that was subsequently used first against Iran, with the United State's passive acquiescence, and then against Iraq's own Kurdish minority, after the United States had overtly encouraged them to rebel against Hussein, and then abandoned them when they did,

Substantially all of Iraq's chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and weapons programs, Iraq's oil and gas industry which financed these programs, and Iraq's economy, were destroyed by the Gulf War of 1991, by UN weapons inspectors in the aftermath of the conflict, and by economic sanctions imposed at the conclusion of the Gulf War,

It was only as a result of then chief executive officer and current vice president Dick Cheney, that the Brown and Root subsidiary of the Halliburton Corporation rebuilt much of the oil and gas extraction infrastructure that had been destroyed in Iraq during the Gulf war, thereby providing Iraq with the financial means to again rebuild its chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs.

October 12, 2002
The Daily Brew

homepage: homepage: http://www.fas.org/sgp/news/secrecy/2002/09/092602.html

Did Someoene Say 'Joint Revolution'? 14.Oct.2002 15:47


Did Someoene Say 'Joint Revolution'?
Did Someoene Say 'Joint Revolution'?