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Muslims Worldwide Prepare To Boycott Coca Cola By Marketing Product Replica

Muslims prepare for the "Coke Jihad"
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 12 (UPI) -- As the United States prepares to launch a war against Iraq, a number of Arab and Muslim countries are preparing for what could be dubbed the "Coca-Cola war," a Saudi newspaper said Saturday.

The Saudi al-Watan daily reported that as the boycott of U.S. products was gaining ground in the Arab and Muslim worlds due to Washington's pro-Israel policies, some companies in the region have begun manufacturing similar products with similar trademark names.

Among these countries is Iran, which producing a soft drink named "Zam Zam Cola," named after the Zamzam holy spring water in Makkah. The company was founded in 1954 and was a longtime partner of Pepsi Cola until their contract was terminated after the 1979 Islamic revolution, the Pakistani daily Dawn said.

According al-Watan, Iran exported about 10 million cans of its cola to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries in the past four months.

It said the Iranian firm was seeking to produce large amounts to meet the demand of the millions of Muslims expected to conduct the haj, or pilgrimage, in Mecca early next year.

The daily added that Zam Zam Cola's success prompted French Muslim Tawfiq Mathlouthi plan the launch of Mecca Cola in Paris next month, allocating 10 percent of the revenues to the Palestinian children.

Zam Zam Cola's sales exceeded all expectations when 4 million cans were sold in the first week the soft drink made its way into the Saudi Arabian market.

A Saudi firm owned by one of the Arab kingdom's princes, Turki Abdallah al-Faisal, this month signed an agreement with the Iranian Zam Zam Group, giving the Saudi company exclusive distribution rights in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and a number of other Arab countries.

Chairman of Zam Zam Group, Ahmad Taheri, said his company's soda drink products managed to reach new export levels in the Arab and Muslim regions, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

He said the success of the drinks were "largely due to the Arab and Muslim consumers' boycott of American products, which affected soft drinks that carry U.S.-made trademarks."

Taheri said he expected a "good share of the Saudi and Egyptian markets, which are the most important target markets, and which would give us access to enter other Arab markets in western Asia and North Africa."

He said that Zam Zam produces 2.5 billion cans annually, in addition to 100 million cans of non-alcoholic beer, which he said would be doubled soon.

Taheri said that Zam Zam currently owned 16 soft drink factories in Iran that produce cola, orange, lemon and mango flavors, noting that the new factories to be set up in Saudi would be the first to produce Zam Zam outside Iran.

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Yawn 12.Oct.2002 21:26


Indymedia is the home of liberal fanaticism.

Anything anti-American is OK here, even an article like this extolling theft of product.

Dear BA 12.Oct.2002 21:48


Please explain what IS American.
And the $64 question, why do you Admire Bush? I mean percisely. In other words things like:
I Admire Bush because he borrowed $1,000 from X and paid it back with interest, or
I Admire Bush because he promised to do this and he did it.

Please, no more Because he's better then Clinton or because all non Republicans don't have jobs or whatever.

You do have reasons for admiring Bush, right? If so, then let us know, and that way we can all see how lucky we are and rejoice to have such a great leader.

Good for them... 12.Oct.2002 21:53


I hope they all drink copious amounts of that poison sugar water and get diabetes and their feet fall off...

Ejaculate more wisdom, my lord BA 12.Oct.2002 23:09

BA groupie

We hear you, O Lord! Coke = America. To drink any competing product is to hate America! Your precious loins be praised! We pray that you will ejaculate for us more of your wisdom!

But lord, our weak hippie minds are confused. We thought that competition was good and monopoly bad. Are these not the commandments of blessed Captialism? Vomit upon us enlightment that we may swim to the RIGHT. How are the great truths of capitalism to be reconciled with this new truth: that Coke = America.

We are puzzled also by the assertion that to report is to extoll. Is this even so when the reporting is done by our Lord and Savior BA the magnificent? Farteth upon us that we may smell the truth of RIGHTness.

These things in the name of His Bare Ass we pray, Amen.

Say what? 12.Oct.2002 23:20

clamydia clamydia@mail.com

I fail to see how the article is extoling anything at all. It is not a persuasive essay, it is a news article that is simply describing the who, what, why, where, and when of a current world situation. Furthermore, I fail to see how any theft is taking place in this situation. I also don't understand how the article itself can be considered "UnAmerican", when (at the risk of repeating myself) it is simply describing the actions of people in other countries, and their possible motives for those actions, and is not denouncing nor advocating either side of this issue.
Perhaps you could enlighten me as to what you meant by you comment.

anyway, back to the article 12.Oct.2002 23:50

clamydia clamydi@mail.com

Anyway....I dunno, I'm not sure that I like the idea of any corporation making profit anywhere, whether it be Zam Zam or Zugi Zugi. It is nice to see that Coca Cola is going to have a little more competition, but still, I mean come ON: It's still a large corporation making heaping profits by selling bourgeois shit to people bourgeois enough to pay for and consume them. It's pathetic. Saying that that is good or progressive is like saying (biblical characters used only for purposes of analogy and not to imply any religious preference) that if Satan controlled most of Russia, but then some demon from Hell came in and took over a part of it, breaking his monopoly, then that would somehow be progressive or make things better. What IS great, however, is that there is a huge boycott against American products in the middle east. I only wish that they would extend that boycott to cover unhealthy products pawned off as "food products" on an unsuspecting (and/or just plain bourgeois) public, like soda drinks and candy bars. Hell, I wish the whole world would do that...

Hmm......... 13.Oct.2002 07:19

Relatively Exact

I wonder....

Will the U.S. government threaten trade sanctions unless the governments of these countries make efforts to encourage people to buy Coke instead of its competition (like they tried to do with Kodak film in Japan)?

How does a government control what people buy in a free market society, anyway?

I wonder if Mecca Cola is any better than Virgin Cola. It's always nice to have an alternative to the "leading brand". It shows that freedom of choice is alive and well.

P.S. kee-RIST, BA! It's getting to the point where no one can make a simple statement without being accused of taking sides or taking up arms!

No WONDER the corporate media is reluctant to say much about anything. To hell with the government conspiracy (or left-wing slant) theories. It's simple capitalism. Their owners don't want to wind up with their backs against the wall being accused of being "anti-American", because it would cut into their profits. Look at people like B.A., a "real American" [off-key fanfare] attacking a simple piece of news because it doesn't have a pro-U.S. slant.