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It Is Now Up to Europe

It Is Now Up to Europe By Lloyd Hart

Now that the peace movement in the US has failed to mobilize the numbers needed prior to the congressional vote on the Gulf of Tonken resolution of our time, the Iraq oil grab resolution, it is now up to the Europeans to take it to the streets and shut Europe down and force a security council veto from France or Britain. And when I mean shut down, the economy must be ground to a halt.
The chief representative of British Petroleum Tony Blair must be rendered irrelevent by the Labor party and Chirac cornered by the French parliament. To do this Europe must be shut down.

As the Americans are attempting to enforce neo-liberal policies that they left to the IMF and World Bank with military might, we must now lay it all on the line. As I have stated in the recent past this is all about taking control of the strategic oil supply in order to create fortress North America and Europe. The CIA has conclude that the world food and water supply is collapsing as a direct result of global warming and deforestation and the Military and its neo-liberal allies are reacting. If the US controls the oil supply they will be able to bomb the starving brown people into submission while maintaining they draconian control over the brown people‚��s resources.

So the answer to the global environmental crisis is to spend billions of dollars on building up and maintaining ‚�� military primacy‚�� as the Bush Doctrine lays out, in affect creating a fortress mentality rather than using those same billions to launch a global Marshall Plan for bio diverse replanting of the vast forests we consumed in our blind passion for money, power and the glory.

This is what it is all about people, to live in fear or rise up and topple the new world order. We are at the cross roads of life and death of a planet and if your not convinced of this crisis why are the military and their neo-liberal allies reacting so violently to the situation. The whole neo-liberal/ultra conservative side of the equation views the damage we have caused to this planet as apart of it‚��s evolution and that everything is as it should be and that their control of the planet and its resources is god given. On one hand they subscribe to social Darwinism and then flip to the other holding up their religious zealotry. Today this would be a diagnosis in schizophrenia.

If we do not stand up to these thugs in the Military, the White House and the global Energy and Arms business, our future will be very bleak indeed if at all. Now that liberals like Senator John Kerry who once stood beside us has sold his soul to the Bush Doctrine we can no longer hope that Bush will be rained in. In fact we can now count on the liberals to go along with the true goal of the occupation of Iraq, total US Global Primacy through control of the strategic oil supply.

And of course George Bush‚��s base in the US will be quite happy to go along with this as the white rightwing evangelical christians want the destruction of Islam, the destruction of the Temple on the Mount, the destruction of the Jewish people. As hard as it might be to believe there are an estimated 51,000,000 Americans that subscribe to this view.

So the stakes are high but the Americans can not stop this madness as genocide against the Brown people is still part of their culture as a means to get what they want and the peace movement in the US is incapable of mobilization on the scale and timing that is required. There are still to many divisions amongst the activist community in the US and the environmental movement has not put their emmence resources into play. So it boils down to the European Peace Movement to attempt to sway the politicians in France and Britain to pull out a veto in the UN security council. If this occurs then the US will be forced to go it alone rolling out the Bush Doctrine in it‚��s entirety which will cause enough outrage world wide to resist this new more virulent wave of yankee imperialism. And hopefully, will create enough time for thr US Peace Movement to get it‚��s act together as well.

At best all we can do for now is attempt to slow the rush to war, however we can do something that has proven to be effective in the past which is to politicize the rank and file of the US Military to our way of thinking. We must convert these people who have sworn an oath to protect the constitution of the United States of America and prove to them that they will be doing the bidding of corrupt men who could care less about their sacrifice on the battle field. If the peace movement began reaching out to these men and women in the armed services we could help create a new batch of refuseniks. As the neo-liberal think tanks in the US are talking about instituting the draft to military service it belies the truth that they are gearing up for long and bloody war against the Brown people and because the US military is populated overwhelmingly with Brown people we have a shot at swaying some of them to our side.

I do not want to participate in the enslavement of another generation of the brown people to our economic machine which we all play a role in. It is now time to give all of these people their lives back. I can not explain to you the level of anger that flows through me at this time but I can tell you that for there to be another world possible we first worlders must make the sacrifice nessasary to make it happen.

militarian education is life-changing 13.Oct.2002 05:36


Sometimes at CNN or our news I see interviews with military personnel, e.g. Marine press people. Marching soldiers in the background.

They look like Borg, or the evil brethren of Mr.Data.
Their faces are totally empty.
All their education is exactly about becoming immune to the "refusenik" virus, even at the cost of losing human feelings.
This process makes violence, coming into civilian life, inevitable. They have to come home eventually, don't they?

Hairy pitted womyn save the day? 14.Oct.2002 23:19

asdf's Aunt

Maybe this article should have made mention of Europe's hairy pitted womyn. It would be more accurate.