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the most dangerous moment in human history

The world was much closer to a nuclear holocaust during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis than governments new, former U.S. and Russian officials and military officers said on Friday
Another great example of extremely important news not seeing the light of day for decades (we have alot of it these days....)

Cuban Missile Crisis Closer to Nuclear War Than Believed By Anthony Boadle (from yahoo news)


The article states:
"This was not only the most dangerous moment of the Cold War. It was the most dangerous moment in human history," said Kennedy aide and historian Arthur Schlesinger.

"Never before had two contending powers possessed between them the technical capacity to blow up the world," he told Reuters.

...Fortunately, Kennedy and Khrushchev were leaders of restraint and sobriety, otherwise we probably wouldn't be here today," he said. " "

This just over 40 years ago in the 100,000+ history of humanity and it was between "leaders of restraint". Let this be a grave warning and may we never be falter this close to total annihilation by our small and polluted selves again.