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Cob work today at Peoples Co-op - Come join in!

Cob work today at Peoples Co-op - Come join in!
The peoples expansion is moving along. The old building has de-levitated gracefully back to the ground and grown attached to the new structure. It has also received some new clothing.

Today, the front entrance is being cobbed in preparation for the front door. Head on down to Peoples and help the cobbing crew. Add your experience, or learn for the first time.
where dis iz? 12.Oct.2002 13:13

where dis iz?

where is this place you speak of?

Phone book! 12.Oct.2002 15:12

David B.

Yes, the original poster should have probably included the address. But when all else fails, there's always the phone book:

People's Food Store Co-Op
2029 SE 21st Ptld 97002

Portland, OR

If only I could type... 12.Oct.2002 15:27

David B.

Make that 3029 SE 21st ....