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Brief list of sit-ins and arrests at Congressional Offices around the US

I just think its good to know that all over the country this is happening.
I compiled this quick list of actions that took place at congressional office around the country in the recent weeks.

Wisconsin Senator Santorum - 16 sit-in and 14 arrested

Oregon Seantor Wyden - 10 - 15 occupy, then senator announces opposition to resolution

Wisconson Senator Herb Kohl - occupied

New York Senator Hillary Clinton - occupied, 4 arrested

Washington State Senators Cantwell and Murray - 12 arrested

Minnesota Senators Wellstone and Dayton - overnight occupation
(reported from Seattle, story somewhere)

North Carolina Representative Price - 26-hour sit-in - 3 arrested, 5 more removed

Plus in SF one person was arrested at Feinstein's office, but the newswire is down.