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Not in Our Name -- Not in Your Life

Not in Our Name -- Not in Your Life
A advertisement signed by a group of artists, academicians, and "activists" called Not In Our Name (NION) appeared in the September 19 New York Times. The ad stated that the United States would not invade Iraq in their name. The "activists" were really Socialists, Maoists, Stalinists, Leninists, Marxists, and Communists. However, the mainstream media does not identify them as such. They prefer to call them "activists." (Know your mainstream media code words.)

The liberal mainstream media is fascinated by this ad and the organization that created it. Some journalists have written encomiums about it. In the September 21 Hartford Courant, journalist Frank Rizzo wrote:

"People have been longing for this," says Clark Kissinger, a spokesman for the group that created the statement. "Everybody has been waiting for someone to stand up and say the emperor has no clothes, and that's what you have here. It's a statement that basically repudiates the whole direction of things. This is not about terrorism or protecting the American people. It's about American empire-building."

While Rizzo cited Clark Kissinger as a spokesman for the group that created the ad, he did not inform readers about Clark Kissinger or the Not In Our Name organization. The liberal media never seem to inform their readers of the origins of liberal organizations. The same journalists who will be more than happy to tell their readers that a group is related to, or receives funds from, say the NRA or the Christian Coalition or the dreaded Scaiffe Foundation, will never mention the relationship of a liberal group with communist organizations- even if such organizations are labeled terrorist by the FBI.

As a public service to the readers of the Hartford Courant, the New York Times, and liberal media everywhere, let me furnish some information about NION.

Clark Kissinger, the "spokesman," as the Hartford Courant referred to him, is a board member of NION and is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP). The RCP is an organization that wants to replace the democratically elected government of the United States of America with a Communist dictatorship. The RCP is affiliated with such philanthropic groups as the Shining Path of Peru and the Communist Party of Nepal -so you can get an idea of what they have in mind. Their leader, Bob Avakian, is in France avoiding the FBI ( I wonder if he knows Ira Einhorn?).

Kissinger is not the only RCP member affiliated with the ad. Mary Lou Greenberg the NION national organizer is a member of the RCP as well. Several signers are either RCP members or members of their proxy group Refuse & Resist (founded by Clark Kissinger). In fact, the Philadelphia contact for NION is the RCP proxy group.

Among the other NION signers are Matef Harmachis of the All African People's Revolutionary Party (founded by Ghanian president and Marxist Kwame Nkrumah), members of the National Lawyers Guild, International League of People's Struggle, MeCHa, the Black Radical Congress, Ramsey Clark (I have already detailed his affiliation with the proxy of a communist terrorist organization), Noam Chomsky ( an objective voice), Mumia Abu Jamal (the great cop-killing humanitarian), Ed Asner and Barbara Ehrenreich of the Democratic Socialists of America, and the usual collection of entertainers, academicians and journalists.

Members of the NION advisory include David Cole and Michael Ratner, of the Center for Constitutional Rights and other familiar communist playwrights and academicians.

The political affiliations of the signers and endorsers of some of the Not In Our Name ad are an indication that they are not interested in peace. They have no humanitarian concerns. They solely want to discredit the established government of the United States of America and its institutions.

This is not to say that all who signed the ad are such people. Some legitimately believe they are working for peace. There are those who legitimately believe that our government is incorrect. And for those who do, they are entitled to criticize the government. They are dissenters. Americans can dissent from the government.

However, such people have been conned by the communist propaganda. They have been manipulated by the patina of morality used by the communists to make their cause seem noble and altruistic. The communists appealed to their sanctimony.

I have always said that liberals are the self-righteous, led by the self-important, for the benefit of the self-serving. NION is emblematic of this.
Communists huh? 12.Oct.2002 08:00


This old thinking is so stale and old. Like the dinosaur, its time has come and past. There is a fresh new vision afoot, and it has nothing to do with the sort of Communist tendency you speak of. There are still some old style communists and centralized authoritarians around, but they are dinosaurs too, and fading into history.

Communists for Peace 12.Oct.2002 09:37


...This is not to say that all who signed the ad are such people. Some legitimately believe they are working for peace. There are those who legitimately believe that our government is incorrect. And for those who do, they are entitled to criticize the government. They are dissenters. Americans can dissent from the government....

Nice to know that "michael ruppert" (not, we assume, *the* michael ruppert of the decidely seditious "from the wilderness") allows for legitimate dissent. (S)he would presumably like to prescribe the boundaries of dissent.

I have some personal experience with "not in our name". It is absurd to assert that those people have any devious plot in mind to undermine the USA.

I want to know what the Bush Regime vision for the world really is. No trees (except tree farms.) No fish (except fish pens). No open space-- all privatized and fenced. All flat ground paved and striped and covered with Escalades for the rich and various beater cars for the rest of us-- but everyone in cars. It is unamerican to walk.

No humor. "entertainers and such" are beyond the pale. No irony. Just an endless, soulless billiousness that calls itself "Christian" but is as far from Christ as Cain is from Jehovah

Citation, Please? 12.Oct.2002 09:59


This post is allegedly the work of Michael Ruppert. I was not able to find it posted anywhere else. Where did this piece come from? If Ruppert really did write it, I have to say I don't find him of much use.

We need resistance to the war from any and all sources. Society is many-layered, and people need to hear the message in their own language. Are the resisters liberals? Good. Are the resisters Communists? Good. Are the resisters Anarchists? Good. Are the resisters red-neck hardscrabble farmers? Good. Are the resisters well-connected business people, forest defenders, soccer moms, construction workers, school children? Good, good, good, good, and good.

Hell, the likes of Patrick Buchanan( http://www.theamericancause.org/patontobaghdadand.htm) and the even more viciously racist David Duke ( http://www.davidduke.com/dukereport/10-01.shtml) have made statements in opposition to the war. Shall the rest of us now fall in with the Bush Junta on that account?

check out copvcia.com 12.Oct.2002 10:16


there's no way michael ruppert wrote the original post in the form it appears here.

this statement is really important! 12.Oct.2002 11:40

anon anar

Thank goodness for whoever did the research to write the above article! I had heard that NOIN was a commie front and it didn't suprise me one bit. Isn't anyone else out there uncomfortable with a whole crowd reciting the same prewritten statement of belief in unision. I went to a NION event and told people, no way, I think for myself and prefer a diversity of perspectives coming to a diversity of conclusions.

Re reds, they are a real threat. They are super authoritarian, manipulative and a terrific bore! How many different red organizations have tried to take over the anti-globalization movement for their purposes? Too many for me.

Not to mention that NION is little more than a feel-good, ritualistic, liberal-reformist do-nothing pile of crap!

This may not be the most annalytically complex post in the world, but the points are simple and they're not coming up otherwise.

I smell a witchhunt 12.Oct.2002 16:38


McCarthyism is alive and well and living in Portland. I love when people throw the "Red" label around to scare people. Don't resist Bush's imperialist war! You'll end up in a commie gulag! Live in fear, live in fear. Give me a fuckin' break. Don't these spooks ever get bored with their disinformation campaign? Now they're just rehashing 1950s style paranoia.

Hi! My name is HAPPY COMMIE PINKO 12.Oct.2002 17:50


I believe several communist tenets, several anarchist tenets, several libertarian tenets. In my years of activism, I have never met anyone who claimes to be Stalinist, Leninist, or Maoist. I equate those with being "Bushist" or "Sharonist" or "Hitlerist" since I don't believe in any kind of genocide. Oh wait-a-minute - I believe in violent worldwide revolution, against a genocidal upper class that laughs, even encourages "peaceful activism." Does that make me Trotskyist? That's OK with me. While I'm at it, I'm a humanist, a feminist, and a punk-rockist. If anyone claims to be BOTH a feminist AND a jew/christian/muslim, they are lying. Those 3 major Abrahamic religions are all misogynist. No such thing as a jewish or christian or muslim "feminist." They're mutually exclusive.

Sometimes a Banana is just a Banana. 12.Oct.2002 19:52

Robert Anton Wilson

Whole Lotta Rumsfeldin' Goin' on...
Here's another one : Richard Cheney is not a crook.

Spy vs Spy 12.Oct.2002 22:07


Watch out Shrew! My trolls have broken loose again. Back to the compost bin, now kids. No fair setting up troll vs troll phony debates!

NOT by Michael Ruppert 14.Oct.2002 12:54

Tim Barker FTW/Staff pr@copvcia.com

This piece was NOT written by Michael Ruppert, FTW Publisher/ Editor.

"Heads up" to our subscriber Charlene.


Kind Regards,

Timothy Barker

PO Box 6061-350, Sherman )aks, CA 91413

RCP & Mumia 06.Jan.2005 06:22


Michael Ruppert - I am a communist, of Maoist tendancy, I am have never been a member of the RCP but but if you did some research you would find that Mumia Abu-Jamal is a supporter of the Revolutionary Worker (The RCP's newspaper) and often quotes Mao. Look, I think you have some cold war thinking about what communism and Maoism is. Stop reading bs and read some objective looks at socialism and even the RCP.

"The Revolutionary Worker is the organ of the Chicago-based Revolutionary Communist Party, U.S.A., a body which embraces Marxist-Leninist-Maoist thought. RW is a colorful, expressive tabloid that offers national and global news analysis from a radical slant. The cover, centerfold, and back page are often multicolored. The writing style is breezy, colloquial, attempting an open 'average Joe' tone, free of puzzling jargon. Its layout is often loose, with little use for the bars, linings and/or graphs of many American newspapers, as reflected perhaps best in the Wall Street Journal. RW graphics tend to blend with the text, as in a recent instance where a three-quarter page length photo of an American Republican Cabinet official was depicted with a reptilian forked tongue slithering out of a toothy smile. RW can be entertaining, as much for its offbeat writing, as its creative, provocative graphics." Mumia Abu-Jamal(from an essay called "Revolutionary Literature = Contraband")

All my respect,