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How About A Big Anti-War March/Direct Action on Oct 26?

We've had the massive, symbolic feel-good protest, now let's try to show Portland what resitance can look like.
October 5th was great--tons of people, very peaceful, some good media coverage, perhaps some pressure on our "representatives" to speak out against Bush's war drive. Now that Congress has pretty much told us to fuck off, it's time to crank things up a notch. People are taking direct action all across the country to try to stop this war. People are getting arrested in Congress, at Senators' offices, in the streets and elsewhere. I know protests are being organized for October 26th in soome cities. Let's do one here, but this time NO permits, NO ban on civil disobedience, NO business as usual for Portland.

12 Noon at the Haunted House (Pioneer Square), anyone?
you misunderstand the point of oct 26 12.Oct.2002 09:36

The One True b!X

The point of what's happening on October 26th isn't another "have a rally in your town" thing. It's a national bicoastal march, in SF and DC. Because we've done the "have a march in your town" thing, and now we need to shwo up en masse in a centralized location -- or, in this case, two, so that people who can't make a trip to DC can probably make it to SF.

I don't want to go to SF 12.Oct.2002 10:19

Not represented

I hope there are zillions of people in those two places, but no one, not even the questionable IAC/ANSWER organization, dictates how we are supposed to do stuff here in Portland.

If folks want to go to SF, fine. But it's a lot easier to spend a few hours marching downtown then it is heading to SF (especially when the action is done by the Stalinist International Action Center folks). Most working people, poor people, people who will actually be sent or recruited to fight Bush's war probably can't take the weekend off to fly or drive to SF.

Besides, it's time for a different strategy. Over 10,000 people took to the streets of Portland, but it wasn't until a small handful of people took over Wyden's office that he announced his oppostition to the war resolution. I think that BOTH kinds of actions are needed if we're going to stop this thing.

What is more effective: 50-100 people adding their voices to hopefully tens of thousands in SF, or a few thousand marching thru downtown Portland, maybe disrupting business as usual for a few hours? If nothing happens locally, how much news do you think SF will get here?

In concurrence..... 12.Oct.2002 10:26


I agree, I'll be damned if I'm going to let the Trot-front IAC tell me when and where I can protest (typical!) Anyway, all props to the IAC for organizing these marches, but for those of us who have jobs and little money and no interest in Trot-led marches, let's organize something for the 26th, preferably with civil disobedience.

Just some thoughts!

the point is... 12.Oct.2002 18:25

The One True b!X

Who the Hell said anything about DICTATING what should happen in Portland? Like anyone has the power to do that even if they wanted to.

The point is, tons of local rallies were held on Oct 5/6/7 and as a total whole "movement" they got shit for coverage nationally.

There's nothing wrong with there being local activity on oct 26, to be sure. But if something is planned that calls out not for people who can't manage to get to SF but for people who are just too lazy or uncommitted to go to SF, then the entire cause gets dicked over because of it.

Plan locally, too. Why not. But just be smart about it.

Forget Coverage 14.Oct.2002 10:52

Crystal Clear

Forget thoughts of getting coverage. We do not need the corporate media and too many people are still hoping for them to do the work.

It takes people, talking to neighbors, going door to door, hosting events, shutting down roads, correcting billboards, pasting portland with flyers, and stickers and educating friends and family. Hoping for the corporate media to do the work is futile, and shows laziness. We have to do it people, they are owned by the oppressors and will never help liberate people, only work to keep them glued to the screen and buying shit.