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Important Event Saturday 12-3, Confronting Colonization, Columbus, Gentrificatio

Sisters in Action Event at MLK and Ainsworth
Saturday, 12-3
stole this from Kathleen:

Hey Folks--

Sisters in Action for Power will be holding an
anti-Columbus Day cultural event this coming Saturday,
which will focus on remembering the REAL history of
Columbus, and tying this history to the present-day
myth of "revitalization" (i.e., corporations and
yuppies have "discovered" NE Portland....)


The young members of Sisters in Action will be sharing
poetry, raps, spoken word and skits to convey their
message of righteous resistance to imperialism.
Musical guests will include Portland Taiko and Maria
Damaris Silva. There will be food, and an all-round
good time.

Unfortunately, this event conflicts partially with the
anti-weapons-in-space rally being held downtown, but
this is a VERY IMPORTANT event to come out and
support, if you can make it to at least part of it.
(I will be trying to get there for the last hour of
the event.) Sisters in Action is a kick-ass
youth-led, women-of-color-led group that has not been
afraid to take very forthright positions on a wide
range of social-justice issues: war, imperialism,
gentrification, economic justice, etc. Sisters in
Action regularly sends delegations to demonstrations
put on by other groups, particularly peace rallies.

It is also very important that SOMEBODY is doing
SOMETHING to protest Columbus Day, here in these times
when American imperialism goes pretty much
unquestioned by popular culture and the media.
(Interesting, how in the debate over war with Iraq,
few people are questioning the notion that the US has
the right to impose "regime changes" anywhere it

Hope to see you there!

low -key event 12.Oct.2002 10:06


It's my understanding that Sisters In Action For Power wanted this event to be kinda low-key. I was told that it was intentionally not posted on IMC for that reason.

If folks go please let Sisters steer it the way they planned it. When we go to actions in support of various communities it seems important to make sure we actually are loaning support and not taking control.

That's not to say anyone wants to do that. It's just a friendly comment to consider.