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Just a Few Werds Four the IMC Editors

A few random thoughts on editing.
Missed opportunities are abound by resricting posts on this IMC, including the opportunity to crystalize arguements, refute WIDELY held fallacies, and occasionally, albeit rarely, find some common ground with those who are right. I suspect that IMC editors hear may already be acting too niggardly with respect too their tolerance of fowl posters to this sight. Sure, I realize that their appears to be a hole in the dyke of free speech restraint, and that stumptown IMC editors halve only reluctantly stuffed their respective fingers in the dyke-hole with the new censorship proceedures.

Anywho, I was recently chillin' in my crib, just a puffin' on a fag, and stroking my pussy; trying to get some perspective on this issue. I accidentally spilled a jigger of hootch on my pussy, and got it all wet. The hootch dribbled on to my boob tube, and now its tits up too. I got up to wipe it up, then sat down, not realizing that the fag had rolled into my seat. That fag didn't exactly tear me a new asshole, but it certainly sweltered my poop shute. What a mess, but I digress.

What are the alternatives? Well, perhapse the IMC editors could instead simply open up the bung-hole of the dyke, ream it out, and stuff a cock in it (metaphoricly speaking). This way they could allow some restriction of ideas, without choking the entire chicken. Maybe this is simply mental masterbation, but imposing censorship here could be the chink in the IMC armor.

I think I'll go dig some sports for a while now, and NO, just because I watch sports doesn't make me an athletic supporter.
I like it... 11.Oct.2002 22:03


heh heh...

Whoa! 11.Oct.2002 23:07

Bush Admirer

Did you really say that?


Have to agree with your views on censorship.

Trying to reason with these folks? 12.Oct.2002 00:08

Don't waste your time

What a bunch of crap--tring to hone our arguments, or maybe win them over??

That's a classic tactic of infiltrators--get you to WASTE YOUR TIME dealing with them, while other people (people who may actually be more likely to agree, or act, or whatever) are ignored.

Forget trying to reason with these people and keep throwing their disruptive posts in the recycle bin.

Long live Indymedia!

OMFG 12.Oct.2002 00:38

wetting myself

Thats about the funniest fuckin thing I've ever read.

Thank you.

Psyche!!!!!! 12.Oct.2002 03:35

Relatively Exact


Drum roll, please..........