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NY Times: 20,000 in New York anti-war march just didn't happen

Major media sources don't mind covering overseas protests - even to encourage the overthrow of a government. Yet when dissent comes home the line is 'you have the freedom to dissent so just shut up' .
Latest roundup on what major and mass popular media are saying and not saying
related to last weekends protests.
When desent comes at home we have freedom to dessent so when protests happen just shut up. Last sunday NY times said small and muted yet 10s of thousands across the country were at rallys during that weekend.

In New York, the day after the 20,000 person event participants couldn't find coverage of the rally even in the city part of the metro section.

What the press is doing is belittling the protests before an outright war is to began and to suggest that their numbers pale in comparison to marches of veitnam

When 350,000 show up for an anti war rally in London the NY Times gave more coverage to a fox-hunting protest.

"when you eliminate or silence points of view - people are left with
limited choices "we either go to war with Iraq now or later" -- and do not hear
of any other viable alternatives or believe others have them, so feel they are alone.

In the congressional offices before and during the debates: "Calls were running 10- 1 or hundred to one against war with Iraq"

"Hard to understand why- what is in it for them? -the journalists might be burying these points of view. "

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Burn two, Alphonse 12.Oct.2002 08:46

I'm Dot, hon

Lessee, that'll be two ignoratio elenchi, side of sweeping generalization, ad hom, ad pop, ad bac- garnish with red herring and serve on a straw man-

What kinda toast d'ywant?

BTW, the world's supply of economically recoverable oil is within measurable distance of its end, and the supply of people to conquer and loot is also finite. You will not change that. Deal with it.

distorted reality 12.Oct.2002 10:13


While it's true that more people will get off their ass to call against something than will to support it, it's also true that the volume of phone calls protesting a war with Iraq have drastically increased the amount of phone traffic our representatives have had to deal with lately. At the very least, it's clear that either

1) people in opposition to the war feel more strongly about peace than about other issues or
2) there are simply more people out there who oppose the war than there are opponents to other governmental misdeeds.

Or maybe both, but I just don't see how else to explain the increased call volume.

To all you peace protestors, you are not alone!!!!

psycho tricks exposed 12.Oct.2002 10:27

well at least that is out in open!

That is impossible of course - if this were the case than there would no reason for the attempts of our administration to whitewash the takeover of these resources by couching the invasion in such terms as "liberating the Iraq people from a tyrant" or "Saddam is an evil man who gassed his own people"
over and over again (all the while knowing that we helped him out while he was doing it!! I still can't believe, listening to debate that US cared at all for the "gassed Iranian solders"
during the Iran-Iraq war- pure propoganda)

No in fact the system still need those big lies (that the US wants genuine democracy and Iraqi empowerment -which would mean control over their own oilfields of course , that we are "peacemakers") in order to sway the country.

Time to dispel them - and it all starts with your comments above. Your only hurting yourself.

Fait accompli and other tricks 12.Oct.2002 10:43


the practice of 'fait accompli" or "done deal" is one of the oldest tricks in book - it was well used by Bush during last week's senate and congressional votes (and of course found on this site as well) and first espoused for the US army- by General "Mad Dog" Henderson in the war for Independence (I will recheck some sources but I think I have this right) as a way to conguer British held bases and cities.

It tends to work very well on those who don't want to question anything and prefer to remain quiet.

One of the biggest fears of the Bush administration and the mass media that support it is that we will wake up.

back up the history for this? 12.Oct.2002 13:26


I am trying to look through my sources however I cant back up the history behind the use of these tactics in colonial US. However I know they are used.

It would be great to have real very fine point evidence of
this type of warfare. Students of American history can you
speak up?