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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Petition Against War On Iraq

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers in the US Sign International Petition Against War On Iraq
> Portland, Ore...Writers from around the world have
> signed their names to a petition against a US war on
> Iraq. In the United States and England, respected and
> well known science fiction and fantasy authors Karen
> Joy Fowler, Michael Moorcock, John Kessel, Lisa
> Goldstein, L. Timmel Duchamp, Kelly Link and many
> others have signed in protest. The petition is
> available on the Internet at:
>  http://www.PetitionOnline.com/Aawii/petition.html
> "Science Fiction writers have a special interest in
> the future and the US policy on Iraq is putting our
> future at risk. It's no wonder that so many fine
> writers in the genre are coming out in opposition to
> Bush and his war," said Douglas Lain, the man who
> co-wrote the petition via email with New Zealand
> author Tim Jones.
> "We are calling for a diplomatic solution. The United
> States should should allow the return of UN weapons
> inspectors to Iraq without any resolution on the use
> of force. Then, when the inspection is finished, the
> UN should lift the sanctions which have caused so much
> misery in Iraq," Tim Jones explained.
> The petition states that writers and artists have a
> special responsibility to combat deceit and
> distortion, and suggests that the public is not being
> told the truth about the heavy civilian and military
> casualties a conflict with Iraq would cause.
> "There is a strong possibility that a war on Iraq
> would benefit the very terrorists the US is supposed
> to be opposing," Tim Jones said. "We will continue to
> speak out against this war, and we will present this
> petition to the governments which are planning to
> launch it, and those who may be called on to support
> it."
> For further comment, contact Douglas Lain,  doug@douglaslain.f2s.com, www.douglaslain.com
> Brief Bios on Writers Mentioned
> L. Timmel Duchamp's stories regularly appear in
> Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. Her work has also
> appeared in Pulphouse, the Magazine of Fantasy and
> Science Fiction, Full Spectrum, and Lady Churchill's
> Rosebud Wristlet.
> Karen Joy Fowler recieved the World Fantasy Award in
> 1999, the Commonwealth Award for best first novel in
> 1992, and was nominated for the Pen/Faulkner Award in
> 2002. She is the author of the novels Black Glass,
> Sarah Canary, and The Sweetheart Season.
> Lisa Goldstein is the author of the novels The
> Alchemist's Door (Tor, 2002), Walking the Labyrinth
> (Tor, 1996), The Dream Years (Bantam Books, 1985), and
> many, many others. Her novel The Red Magician (Pocket
> Books, 1982) won the American Book Award for best
> paperback.
> John Kessel is the author of the novels Freedom Beach
> (Tor, 1985), Good News From Outer Space (Tor, 1989),
> and Corrupting Dr. Nice (Tor, 1997), along with the
> short story collections Meeting In Infinity (Arkham
> House, 1992) and The Pure Product (Tor, 1997).
> Kelly Link's collection of stories Stranger Things Happen, was
published by Small Beer Press in 2001. Her stories have appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction, The Vintage Book of Amnesia, and are forthcoming in
Conjunctions and Dave Egger's McSweeney's.
> Michael Moorcock helped to redefine the genre of
> science fiction in the late sixties, and has continue
> to produce excellent work for over 35 years. He was
> the editor of New Wave anthology New Worlds, and the
> author of such New Wave classics as Behold the Man.

homepage: homepage: http://www.petitiononline.com/Aawii

Good Idea... 11.Oct.2002 19:38


Yeah, instead of a war against Iraq we should establish an outpost on the moon so we can go to war with Mars...