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Protest Iraq War Saturday in Eugene

Columbus day, the perfect day to protest imperialism!
Hey folks, there are flyers, phone calls and emails going around to mobilize as many people as possible as quick as possible to join in the international protest against the coming war with Iraq. Attached is a copy of a flier, but here's the info in simple format.

"Emergency Colombus Day March Against Bush's War in Iraq

Saturday 7 Pm Eugene Oregon

From the EMU Amphitheatre (UofO) to the Federal Building (7th and Pearl) and beyond..."

Please see the attached flyer and forward it to all who might be interested. If you try to forward the attachment, make sure it's reallly attached because sometimes that gets messed up. You may have to resave it on a disk and then reattach it. Please get on the phone as well and tell everyone you know.

Below are some select news items to provide context for local actions.

See you Saturday night!


October 5th

*1.5 million people across Italy protest US war plans in Iraq

October 6th

*5,000+ march against war in L.A.

*10,000+ march against war in both S.F. and N.Y.C

*5,000+ in Portland

*400+ (?) march against war in Eugene

October 7th

*2,000 protest Bush speech in Cincinati

October 9th

*30,000 march in Seattle

October 10th

*Anti-war activists occupy Senator Hillary ClintonEs office for 8 hours.

*Anti-war activists disrupt live MTV request show broadcast wearing t-shirts and shouting against war in Iraq

October 11th

*US congress votes for war in Iraq and huge military budget increase

October 12th

*Giant anti-columbus day protests in Denver

*what else will happen
Seattle numbers 12.Oct.2002 09:58

seattle activist

BTW...the numbers in Seattle were more like: 10/6=10,000+...10/9=4,000+
Keep up the fight!