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Congress gives Bush dictatorial war powers; Opposition to war needs to step up

At 1:30AM, in the wee hours of Friday morning, the Senate voted 77 to 23 in favor of granting Bush war powers to make a "preemptive strike" against Iraq whenever he pleases.
At 1:30AM, in the wee hours of Friday morning, the Senate voted 77 to 23 in favor of granting Bush war powers to make a "preemptive strike" against Iraq whenever he pleases. The House had voted 296 to 133 in favor of the legislation earlier in the week. This in spite of thousands of calls and emails from people across the country in opposition. Senator Byrd, one of the few vocal senators to recognize his constituency, fought to no avail for more debate. These powers can and may be used independently of any U.N. Security Council or General Assembly rulings and even if Iraq complies with inspections.

With this vote, Congress has handed war-making powers to pResident Bush in what history shall surely judge as one of the most undemocratic capitulations to tyranny in U.S. history. A man not elected, who has displayed no respect for human decency or international law, has just been given carte blanche to use the most brutal military machine the world has ever seen a sanction-battered, starving country of demolished infrastructure and poverty. This is a sad, sick day.

We must get out in the streets to oppose this fascism and shout NOT IN OUR NAME! Democracy -- which had long lay twitching on the table -- is now dead. The letters and calls to Congress did not work. It is time for stronger, more direct tactics.

[ House Resolution | CSPAN Coverage of Congress on Iraq ]

SF & DC - October 26th 11.Oct.2002 16:01

The One True b!X


Organizing a group-rate bus trip?

Have a ride? Need a ride?

See  http://www.poxamericana.us/o26.shtml

Hi Ho, Hi Ho , off to war we go 11.Oct.2002 20:13

The winning team

Your protests are in vain. You haven't changed anything and no one is listening.
Too bad, sucka's.
And we are all laughing at the skinny freaks in the street.

Ch-ch-changes 11.Oct.2002 20:51


America loves an underdog, or hadn't you heard?

Protests make tiny differences that bring about eventual change. Just because you don't understand the dynamic, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Here's one tiny change protests have made: you're now here wasting your time as a troll instead of out there doing something effective (but negative) like the Dubya. Haa-ha!
Now I distracted you further by getting you to read this post. Haa-ha!

bigger then you realize 11.Oct.2002 23:21

a lot of fight is going into this one

the tens of thousands that protested and called congressional candidates tell me that it isnt lost yet

Bush rules 12.Oct.2002 02:49


Fuck Iraq! They've had this coming for a long long time! At least we have a President who has the balls to make it happen. Gore would still be sucking his thumb trying to figure out what to do about 9/11! Why don't you pro- testicles put your money where your mouth is and get the fuck outa here! Bush is a true leader in every sense of the word. He wants to treat those anti-American fucks just like the pieces of shit on death row in Texas.....snuff 'em and get on with life!

no mudpuppy, no! 12.Oct.2002 14:26

Donald Sutherland

NO, mudpuppy you are fighting the wrong enemy!!

we must snuff out the communists of USSR and the native americans!!!!! we MUST carpet bomb them NOW! And we must make sure that they are dead as dead can be! We must stop those jerks RIGHT IN THEIR TRACKS!!!

THEN we will go after that Raymond guy that everyone LOVES so much! i HATE raymond!

To the winning team 12.Oct.2002 16:35


Martin Luther King, and Gandi had to put in years of hard work to accomplish there near immpossible goals..... How come when you warmongering fucks say that protesting/civil disobedence never change anything, you fail to look at the ACTUAL PROOF . I hope one day that you will be able to digest truths, even if realizing the truths of the world will shatter your worldview.

Powerless 14.Oct.2002 03:39


How does it feel to not be able to change the course of action the government is taking even tho you take up the streets in a whopping 2% of the population while the rest of America laughs at your radical asses?
You're along for the ride and no matter how much noise your tiny itty bitty little insignificant faction makes, you won't change anything.
I suspect you think ohterwise, and thats always good for a hearty laugh.
Thanks suckas, for all the cheap entertainment.
PS: Nice Website, thats about all you have going for your extremist faction. Keep up the tirades so the majority of us can be reminded that we stand for the majority.