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Two members of Code Pink a PreEmptive Strike for Peace were arrested yesterday (Oct. 10th) for disrupting Congress right before the vote on authorization to use force against Iraq.
The women, Sarah Turner and Elene ????, stood up before the vote and shouted "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON'T WANT WAR!", "WE NEED MONEY FOR EDUCATION AND HEALTHCARE!", and "NO BLOOD FOR OIL!" The women were immediately grabbed by security, hancuffed, and marched out of the US Capitol. They were held for five hours and released on citation.
"Security" Robots 11.Oct.2002 21:25

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

I cannot understand how those various "security" people, here & there & everywhere, can live with themselves, as they suspend their own thinking & submit to orders to "remove" people & stupid stuff like that. Don't any of them ever say, "Hey, wait a minute, i'm not gonna remove these people. They're making more sense than the ones asking for removal." Why do people become robots willingly. Mindlessness, mindlessness.

it was strange.... 11.Oct.2002 23:17

from the floor

As I was listening to the debate it was like a repeat of some weird 50's movie scenario a la Village of the Damned - where some organism infected the populace - the war hawks repeated the same thing over and over very strange

don't ignore from the floor 12.Oct.2002 09:52


From the floor's comment should not be ignored.

Why do they obey? 12.Oct.2002 23:42


As to why "security guards obey orders to kick out those who are raising good points," the answer lies with the economic realities of our current historical situation. Human beings have proven time and time again that they will forsake their intuitively correct responses in favor of money. Because everything has a price in capitalist reality and having principles is sometimes not conducive to meeting basic needs via the almighty dollar, many are forced to obey unjust orders...
the abolition of work as we know it is still essential for any widespread radical change...which we are quite distant from, although it always exists as a latent possiblity.