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True Majority Website

Our goal is to make working for justice and a sustainable world fast, free, and sometimes even fun. By working together we will make a difference. If you aren't yet a member of TrueMajority the first thing you should do is click here to make sure you get our monthly issue alerts.
The truemajority.org web site is starting a new campaign in which Pulitzer prize winners and cartoonists are creating entertaining emails with a punch that can be forwarded by those with a passion for shifting attention towards the real issues. If you want to support their work, you just sign up and select the emails you like and you forward them to your own user groups:

HUH? 11.Oct.2002 19:36


See? How can this even be construed as being newsworthy? Its just another advertisement for yet another bunch of babbling idiots who in the end just want your money...

Gimme a break... 11.Oct.2002 19:42


Go here and see who is really behind this majority... Surpise! Someone who want to make some money fundraising...


why do you say this? 12.Oct.2002 09:30


Why do you say this is a fundraising scheme? I did not
see anywhere on the website that mentions fundraising. Why
are there objections to the true majoritity website? So far,
I have not read anything convincing.