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Logging Near Tree-sitters at Peak Timber Sale

Logging continues at the Peak timber sale. This morning, tree-sitters report cutting is underway near one of the active sits.
This morning, tree-sitters occupying one of the platforms at the Peak timber sale are reporting active logging in the vicinity of the sit. This is the second incident in less than 2 weeks in which tree-sitters safety has been jeopardized by logging near occupied platforms.

USFS law enforcement officers are maintaining a 700 + acre closure on the entire timber sale area and all access roads. No one from the public or the media are allowed in to witness the situation to ensure the safety of forest defenders living in the trees.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/stoppeak/stoppeak

Jeopardizing safety 11.Oct.2002 12:33

Stating the obvious

Safety is jeopardized when climbing the tree. No logging is necessary for safety to be jeopardized. I think Naya just proved that.

The real news would be, how close is "in the vicinity?", because if they're dropping trees that are close enough to hit the tree that the sitter is in, then I'd agree with you. Otherwise, not.

Too Close For Comfort 11.Oct.2002 14:31

Rough Idea

I saw a recent IMC article, with respect to the peak sale, that claimed that felling was going on within 20 feet of the sitters. I contacted the Forest Service official in charge, and he told me that the activity was 50 feet from the sitters. Now, unless these trees are less than 50 feet tall, this distance would appear to put sitters in some degree of unneccesary jeopardy. Also, judging from the size of this site, it seems like the activity is designed to intimidate these folks, since they could easily work in another erea.

Update on today's logging 11.Oct.2002 15:08


Word from the trees is that logging is withing 30' of the sit known as Esperanza.