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The daily Composting Bin

This is the place where some posts intended to spam the site are going for the time being. Anyone who wishes to, can browse through them, respond to them etc. They are taking up too much space on the wire, so this is a temporary solution until consensus is reached for a longer term solution.
Click here for a set of posts that have been grouped in order to clean up the newswire.
Tragedy of the Commons 11.Oct.2002 09:48


It is a shame that an incredible resource like Indymedia can't be self-censoring and self policing.

Taking advantage of the commons seems to be universal

There are only two solutions (see Garret Hardin and a host of subsequent commentators)-- population control or central direction (i.e., autocracy).

Take your pick.

RE:There are only two solutions 11.Oct.2002 10:20


Or just ignore them.

reply to tom 11.Oct.2002 10:21

pdx indy activist

there is a third option: community direction. in the case of this contentious issue, a consensus has definitely been forming in favor of some sort of action against the disruptive posts. i have read this consensus on posts/comments on the newswire, and heard it among people here in portland who have been talking about it.

a year ago i was dead-set hiding items on the newswire except under very specific circumstances. now, however, i've changed my mind, because the consensus of the community has shifted. the arguments *for* hiding items make common sense and have the right intuitive ring to them. the arguments *against* are more hollow, mostly intellectual and without any sensitivity to the realities of how oppression works in the world.

this is one of those situations where obviously it would be *best* if nothing ever had to be hidden, but if we do that we'd be letting the perfect drive out the good, and we'd just end up with bad, I'm afraid.

this discussion and its methods will always be open. pdx indy is a work in progress.

to indy editorial 11.Oct.2002 10:23


THANK YOU thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank u thank u thank u....

YES 11.Oct.2002 10:34


The Daily Composting Bin. Fantastic! Thank You!!!

4 Violet Zali posts grouped 11.Oct.2002 10:55


4 Violet Zali posts grouped, one is still visible on the newswire, and the other 3 are grouped with it. Click Here

Composting Bin 11.Oct.2002 11:01


Agree that community action is a sort of "third way," and it possibly can be effective.

Still, decisions have to be made on the spot about what goes on the newswire and what goes in compost.

I vote for electing an autocrat to perform the censoring. Anyone who doesn't like the autocrat can join an effort to replace him or her, or start their own indymedia.

We tried this with the American Constitution. There have been some problems with that, but until recently, at least, we could say that in general, the government was accountable to the people.

AHMEN ER AMEN 11.Oct.2002 11:06

atomic frog

mish indy has their hidden files. will the vociferous be abe to post to the bin? well done!!

yes! 11.Oct.2002 11:12

uncle tom

thats more like it! the front page looks back to its former self! Its like cool, clean fresh air!!! and the attacks of the trolls and virus marketers can still be seen if you want a good laugh!

thanks IMC eds!

Interesting 11.Oct.2002 11:32


"now, however, i've changed my mind, because the consensus of the community has shifted"

Welcome to the same government mechanism that created what you hate so much.

Yes to the Bin 11.Oct.2002 13:59


Cool, very Cool. I vote Yes on this. I had been saying I didn't mind reading around the
Spam, but I must admit, It's nice to see a great site readable again... Of the various IMC's,
Portland's is one of the best... By the way, that conversation yesterday wherein Trilox
actually engaged in a meaningful discussion was very cool... But those who were merely
dropping vague and meaningless Space-Wasters clearly deserve the bin...And by the way,
I am one who Will indeed be checking the bin, for I find that stuff quite entertaining.

receycling is a great green idea 11.Oct.2002 14:21

peace rebel girl

i am glad to see that the spam is in it's rightful place. afterall, even manufactured, chemical laden spam needs to have a bin of it's own...

So Far, So good 11.Oct.2002 21:14


Thanks for helping me round up my wayward flock of trolls. Some may shun them becuase of the stench, or because their shreiking distractes one from useful activity. Others, like myself, enjoy interacting with them on occasion and were concerned only about their breeding habits. Now that they are properly contained, we can all enjoy either the Troll bin, the wealth of other exhibits at the Indymedia zoo, or both!

more composting posts can be found here 11.Oct.2002 22:49

a pdx indy guy


this process'll be a bit sloppy until we figure out what the best way to do it is. the above is another batch of hidden posts.

Thank you for doing this in the right way 12.Oct.2002 02:50

tired of trolls

Once again Indymedia has astounded me by predicting my thoughts and acting on my wishes before I even knew what they were. I was thinking that some of these posters who have been abusing this resource needed to have their posts dropped to some sort of lower-tier newswire level so the non-abusers can have some predominance. The current setup isn't so elegant, but it has the essential quality of allowing us to view the posts that have been filtered out as spam, much like many email clients do, and a forum to discuss what we think of the quality of the censorship. It's sad that Indymedia has had to come to this, but I'm glad that we have a useful response to a community issue. Please use restraint in filtering posts, taking out items of only the most egregious quantity or quality. Thank you so very very much for doing this.

thank you, Indymedia 12.Oct.2002 03:28


Of course, certain people are going to overreact and scream "censorship", but censorship it is not if anyone that wants to can still read the articles. This just keeps good articles on the home page longer. It is really frustrating when a good thread gets started, only to be pushed off by the end of the day before a lot of people have seen it.