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Fact: We will take over and stop your lies.
Every day our numbers grow here. We are becoming stronger and stronger. Soon all of your base will belong to us...
Brownshirt are like cockroaches 10.Oct.2002 23:08

Right Wing Scumkiller

Yeah, you and your pathetic band of trolls couldn't take over a Girl Scout Troop--let along Indymedia.

I'd like to see you and other Chickenhawks organize a Pro-War protest and see how many people turn out. I'd wager less than a few dozen. Paid protestors don't count.

Better yet, organize a Pro-Bush rally and see how many people turn out. Maybe you and your inbred cousin.

bushies aint so ummm daaa 10.Oct.2002 23:08


perhaps like a turd that floats , you'll have to be flushed twice.

I resent that. 11.Oct.2002 05:39


Not ALL of us right-wing scum are behind bush. A growing number think that whatever the reasons, whatever the motivation, whatever the situation, the Constitution must be adhered to.
Which is why you will see gun racks in vehicles at peace rallies, Militia providing security and support for protesters; at a early peace demonstration in Indiana, when several people decided to do a hunger strike, they were victims of stone throwing and various other forms of assault; the Militia turned out to provide security for them when the IU campus kops wouldn't.

No thanks... 11.Oct.2002 13:16


"take over a Girl Scout Troop"

No thanks, I'll leave that job to the lesbian death squads...