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Tree Sitter Dies In Santa Cruz

First-time Tree Sitter dies as a result of the 100 foot fall in Santa Cruz County Tuesday, October 9, 2002.
A First-time Tree Sitter Fell In Santa Cruz County Tuesday, October 9, 2002. He died as a result of the 100 foot drop

Robin (last name unknown), called in the woods by the name Naya, had just arrived in Santa Cruz from Arcata, CA where he may have been involved with direct action in the Mattole area of Humboldt county. He was eager to go to the forest and defend against logging that would harm Steelhead Trout at the southern end of the coastal redwood forests. He was found Tuesday night by employees of Redwood Empire at the base of "Esparanza," the tree he had been sitting in for about 12 hours. He was taken by helicopter to Valley Medical Center in San Jose where he died earlier today. He would have been 22 years old on Thursday, 10 October. While he enjoyed rock-climbing, this was Naya's first treesit.

The location of the treesit, the Ramsey 2 Timber Harvest Plan in southern Santa Cruz county near Corallitos, is opposed by many local environmentalists, federal, state and county agencies. Santa Cruz Earth First! has been activiely defending Ramsey Gulch and nearby Gamecock Canyon for almost 7 years. The treesits in Ramsey 2 THP were established almost 2 months ago in the area where logging is going on.

Santa Cruz Earth First! activists met quietly tonight to talk over the situation in Ramsey Gulch and morn the loss of a fine, young forest defender. A public Memorial Gathering will be held on October 18 or 19, 2002 at a location to be announced

S.C. E.F!

More Stringent Trainings Required 10.Oct.2002 21:39

warcry warcry@indymedia.org

This is terrible - that someone trying to defend life would lose their own - and it was totally preventable and unnecesary. This past spring - a young woman who went by the name of horehound, and played banjo, fell from a tree-sit and died - in Oregon. Seattle Earth First! (if they haven't already) will be having a skill sharing and trainings this weekend, I think in the Olympia area.

In general (and this is not directed at SCEF!) activists have to view tree sitting and other forms of forest defense - as a serious direct action - requiring a committment to having solid trainers. Everyone who goes up a tree should know their knots really well, know some basic first aid, and know the "ropes" - literally - so they DON'T FALL OUT! Saftey first! Certainly, anyone who goes up a tree NEEDS to know what to do when the cops or climbers come.

Too often people view tree sitting as a vacation from hell - (understandbly) but get careless when they drink or smoke pot up there (not implying that this was the case with naya) or sometimes its just inexperience.

As forest defense activists - or direct action oriented people, we need to take our health (physical and mental) seriously, skill share, train each other, empower each other. Build collectives or organize events in the spirit of mutual aid, that offer support, knowledge and opportunities to grow and learn.

This war on the earth is relentless. In this war - we must avoid being casualties.
To be good soldiers we need training (in many areas, to develop different disciplines) if we are at all going to be effective in our defense of all that is wild and free.

sadness 11.Oct.2002 17:06

eden edenriver@hotmail.com

i feel sad about this - his birthday was yesterday - can we get and on line memorial going with some pictures or something - I am sure that will be nice for the family and all of us. I think its important to remember robin.