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Rally tomorrow for Sheik Kariye

Rally tomorrow at 1:00 to support Sheik Kariye!
Rally tomorrow for Sheik Kariye
Rally tomorrow for Sheik Kariye
There will be a rally tomorrow, Friday 10/11/02 at 1:00 PM in front of the Federal Courthouse at SW 3rd and Main. His bail hearing is at 1:00, and his attorney, Stanley Cohen, has requested support for the Imam. He is still in jail - he has not been granted bail. He has been held without bail since September 13. He was denied bail because he was said to be a "flight risk" and because of the so-called tnt residue in his brother's suitcase. Since the FBI lab found there was no TNT residue, he should be allowed bail. Social Security Fraud, which is what he is being held for, does not qualify as "terrorist activity!" Please show up at the federal courthouse if you can, in solidarity with the Imam and Portland's Muslim and Somali communities.

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Correction 10.Oct.2002 19:57


He has been in jail since September 8, not September 13.

You won't get rid of me that easy... 10.Oct.2002 21:53


Don't you understand that his friends and relatives don't give a damn about your "support"? Don't fool yourself, when they see you they see a non-muslim and they couldn't care less about you...

The principle of the thing 11.Oct.2002 00:46

Marith la_blue_girl2@yahoo.com

In response to "You can't get rid of me that easy": if I go to the protest tomorrow, it will be because I want to defend the rights of all Americans, not because I want to gain the approval of Portland's Arab American community. Of course, I want to support that community during a time of racial profiling and government oppression. I would extend the same support to any group that is being oppressed, even, grugingly, to bigoted Fundamentalist gun waving Christians.