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Stop U.S. Global Domination Plans!

Saturday morning, October 12 at 11:00 am: gather at Terry Schrunk Plaza, 3rd and Madison for a rally and walk through central Portland.

Saturday evening, October 12 at 7:00 pm: a forum on: Stop U.S. Global Domination Plans!
WAR IN SPACE OR PEACE ON EARTH Dangers of current US Military/Foreign Policies and Peaceful Alternatives.

PSU Ballroom, Room 355, Smith Memorial Ctr., 1825 SW Broadway (at Harrison Street), Portland State University Campus.


Hear acclaimed activist Don Whitmore with the facts on missile defense and weapons in space programs concocted by a government out of control.

Peter Lumsdaine, coordinator of non-violent resistance to nuclear weapons and war from space at Vandenburg Air Force base will discuss methods of resistance and education for the masses.

Holly Gwinn Graham, a northwest favorite, will sing songs of peace and disarmament.

The Vancouver Raging Grannies will delight us with songs, skits and humor.

Local organizations working for peace and human rights will speak on issues of war and disarmament, and will have informational tables at the forum.

Sponsored by a group of Portland and Oregon organizations committed to peace building including Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Rearguard (PSU student newspaper), Physicians for Social Responsibility, Peaceful Response Coordinating Committee, Radical Women, Oregon Peaceworks, Peace Action Committee of the First Unitarian Church, Multnomah Meeting of Friends (Quaker), Freedom Socialist Party and the Military and Draft Counseling Project of the Portland War Resister's League in co-operation with the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.

For further information contact Women's International League for Peace and Freedom: telephone 503 224 5190 or 1819 NW Everett.

Or contact Carol Urner, WILPF Demilitarization chairperson, at 503 232 7159 or  curner@qwest.net

phone: phone: 503 232 7159