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Today I Announced on the Floor of the Senate
My Support for a Bipartisan Iraq Resolution TOM DACHLE

Today I announced on the floor of the Senate my support for a bipartisan Iraq resolution. Congress has vigorously debated this issue for the last week, and it is now time for us speak in as clear and unified a voice as possible. A united Congress will help the President unite the world. And by uniting the world, we increase the prospects for a peaceful settlement of this crisis and, if force is required, reduce the risks to our men and women.

As a result of Democrats' efforts over the last several months, President Bush now has to spell out, before using force in Iraq, that diplomatic means have been exhausted and that any effort in Iraq will not negatively impact the overall war on terrorism. Going forward, I will continue to press the President to build an international coalition and vigorously oversee how the President exercises the authority he has requested from Congress.

Although it is important to recognize the threat that exists in more traditional national security areas, we as a country, and particularly as a government, would be remiss in our responsibilities were we not to recognize the peril this country is also in economically. Over the last 18 months, America has seen record job losses, weak economic growth, declining business investment, a falling stock market, shrinking retirement accounts, eroding consumer confidence, rising health care costs, escalating foreclosures, and vanishing surpluses. I call on the Administration to recognize that Americans are suffering right here at home because of the dire economic conditions facing our nation. The reality is that the Administration has been delinquent in its responsibilities toward hard-working average Americans, and that must change.

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