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Next National Step: Oct 26. Bi-Coastal Marches

Same-day marches in Washington DC and San Francisco planned for October 26th.
The Congressional fight is lost (or will be shortly), and the next national-level action apppears to be the bi-coastal marches planned for DC and SF on October 26th, just two weeks away.

See  http://www.internationalanswer.org/ for details.

homepage: homepage: http://www.poxamericana.us/

so sick 10.Oct.2002 15:42

and depressed i know not what to do

what will we do here? i must act or i will surely go crazy.

here? 10.Oct.2002 15:55

The One True b!X

Well, as always, there are any number of things going on "here" as in locally in Portland.

But at this point, a smattering or even a flood of little local actions isn't going to grab attention the way it's needed.

Everyone needs to find a way to make plans to get to SF or DC in two weeks. Local orgs need to start organizing bus trips.

head to SF 10.Oct.2002 18:00


I think we can do the most good by joining up with one huge West Coast march in San Francisco. Something too huge for even the mainstream media to ignore. How about Indymedia posting some sort of rider board/bus caravan?

so why no PR here? 11.Oct.2002 11:12

The One True b!X

So, given the importance of getting as many people as possible to these marches on October 26th, to get the numbers up as high as possible, why is this getting next to no attention here? There are only two weeks to make arrangements. There isn't a whole lot of time.

Where are the local orgs setting up group-rate bus trips? Are they are out there and just not announcing it here?

Why no notice of these crucial marches in the Features section?