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Treesitter dies in Santa Cruz

A forest activist who fell while treesitting has died from injuries sustained on Tuesday, October 8, 2002.
Robin (last name unknown), called in the woods by the name Naya, had just arrived in Santa Cruz from Arcata, CA where he may have been involved with direct action in the Mattole area of Humboldt county. He was eager to go to the forest and defend against logging that would harm Steelhead Trout at the southern end of the coastal redwood forests. He was found Tuesday night by employees of Redwood Empire at the base of "Esparanza," the tree he had
been sitting in for about 12 hours. He was taken by helicopter to Valley Medical Center in San Jose where he died earlier today. He would have been 22 years old on Thursday, 10 October. While he enjoyed rock-climbing, this was Naya's first treesit.

The location of the treesit, the Ramsey 2 Timber Harvest Plan in southern Santa Cruz county near Corallitos, is opposed by many local environmentalists, federal, state and county agencies. Santa Cruz Earth First! has been activiely defending Ramsey Gulch and nearby Gamecock Canyon for almost 7 years. The treesits in Ramsey 2 THP were established almost 2 months ago in the area where logging is going on.

Santa Cruz Earth First! activists met quietly tonight to talk over the situation in Ramsey Gulch and morn the loss of a fine, young forest defender. A public Memorial Gathering will be held on October 18 or 19, 2002 at a location to be announced.

thank you robin 10.Oct.2002 15:37


i don't know what to say. with everything happening in the world, it's easy to forget that some people are out there acting, doing, sacrificing to save us all from ourselves. thank god there are people willing to give so much, so much to save us. and weep that our inability to adequately challenge the system has taken a life today.

to Santa Cruz EF! 10.Oct.2002 19:07

Spirit Walker

We are remembering you all in our hearts up here, you beautiful defenders of the forest!

The loss of a comrade hurts the heart, and focuses the mind. Suffering is part of the great circle of life and our own poor lives are what we can humbly offer.

Mourn as we need to, work as we must. Long Live Earth First!

Hate to be suspicious, but... 10.Oct.2002 20:41


How do you know he fell?

From the story, it sounds like he was alone. So how do you know whether he fell or was pushed?

Anyways, my heart and love goes out to Santa Cruz Earth First! I'm grateful that there are brave people who are willing to try to stop this greedy drive to destroy our great forests.

I'm not from the Northwest, but I've gotten out into those old growth forest the last two years. They are are a treasure beyond description or value. And they are certainly worth more living and standing than any pile of lumber could be worth.

So thank you to all who defend them. Especially those who risk their lives out in the forest defending the trees everyday.

I can't be with you in person, but I can try be there in spirit.

peace ....

People can't fly 10.Oct.2002 22:11

Peter Pan

Trees are for squirrels and birds , not smelly, unbathed over idealistic unemployed "activists."
One fell last year.
I guess thats 2 of you that have learned the hard way.
It might be, as we sometimes say, "Time to catch a clue."

One down, a few to go 11.Oct.2002 05:22

Keith Hassan

Another akkktivist is dead. Hopefully more to follow.

BEGGING the editorial staff 11.Oct.2002 10:13


PLEASE u guys, PLEASE can u remove the unimaginably insensitive comments above? I'm begging u. This is not discourse, it's spam, and it's hateful, and it hurts. It must go.

a more likely scenario 11.Oct.2002 12:38

to paranoid

Considering the willingness of anti-logging activists to spike trees in an attempt to injure or kill loggers, it wouldn't surprise me if platforms or trees were sabotaged to return the favor.

stay strong... 11.Oct.2002 17:12


im so sorry about your loss santa cruz ef! ... stay strong and keep fighting. and dont let the idiots that frequent the IMC comment boards get you down. i dont understand how people can be so hateful and cruel as to denounce another person's death as stupid and call them morons, while they were fighting for something they believed is very special. maybe those people should do the same instead of adding insult to injury from a computer keyboard. ...but i digress. SCEF!, keep your heads up. -from a fellow forest activist.

Riddle and Rhyme 11.Oct.2002 20:20

Johhny Appleseed

"Robin, Robin, he was the man, if he can't sprout wings, nobody can."

Remember that next time you want to climb up in a tree and act like a jackass.

It's not worth dying over girls and boys, there are other ways to get your point out.

Free speech 11.Oct.2002 20:33

bethani's other side

Bethany begs for removal of items that she thinks are insensative.
Isn't that what you scream about all the time? Censorship?
Maybe this website that most of America would find offensive and trashy should be removed ( but it is cheap entertainment.) You would throw a little leftist fit if that happened.
Hey Bethany, there are the majority (the vast majority) of citizens that think you little activists are indeed creeps and Morons.
We will not go away. You will not win. And as long as some of you are stupid enough to think that they can live in trees there will be lessons in gravity 101.

Wild 12.Oct.2002 00:54

No Way to Go

That's no way to die at 21, and the only folks that will remember him will be his family and a few close friends.

I bet he knew what was coming as he hurled toward terra firma.

I bet he'd be the first to tell you, "It ain't worth it."

Wake up dirtbags, stay out of the trees.

It is bad for your health, and the trees won't give a rats ass.

what do you belive in... 12.Oct.2002 10:17


THe main question for any activist/revolutionary is IS THIS WORTH IT???

I am proud to be a forest defender.... It is worth my life to save public lands.

Before you go up in a tree you do your ABC's and hope that those ropes are gonna hold you.

Its people like robin who show people how important the forests are to us. If we dont fight for them now they wont be there in the future.

My love goes out to all of SCEF!

keep loving, keep fighting

Who's to say 11.May.2003 10:22


It is not for anyone to say what is right or wrong when it comes down to fighting for what you believe in. Millions of cops go wounded for protecting the public,accidents happen and maybe people are pushed off trees, but the bottom line, is that if no one fights for anything, everything we need would go down the crapper. My support goes to all the treesitters and environmentalist and a word to all....be consious of what you do and what you say because life is a cycle from which we all contribute and beneft from eachother.