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Long Live Daniel Pearl

Let's not forget him
On this, the birtday of the late Danial Pearl it is important to remember exactly what is going on in the middle east. For those of you who have decide to throw your support behind a free Palitine nation, or U.S. troops out of the East. I must say that I respect your freedom to make that choice even though I strongly disagree with you reasoning. One thing that I must say is, no matter what your feelings are about the frustration of these people it does't change the fact that they resort to the murder of the innocent. None more so that Daniel Pearl, a brilliant reporter who was guilty of nothing more than doing his job, repoting for the American people. So to those of you who think that America is the enemy, remember this: Oil, religion, occupation and all the other issues facing the relations between America and the Middle East, had nothing to do with robbing a loving wife of her husband.
Some day several years from now we will see an interview the child of Mr. Pearl and we will remember this incident in the way we do know when we see the grown children of the Isralie nine from 1972, and we will feel symptahy and sorrow for a few moments before continuing on with our daily mundaine tasks.
I know that we all have our disagreements but i hope that we can all tak a moment out of our day and say a prayer or some positive thoughts for Danial and his family

Thank you,
i must react. . . . . . 10.Oct.2002 14:29

mr peabodie

Thank you for the important reminder to the readers of indymedia, to remember the loss of innocent life. I remember Daniel Pearl. I've already taken a few moments to project positive rays of beautiful hope in the direction of Daniels family and widow. I mean really, its not fair. Its not fair at all. There's no excuse for the death of an innocent in the name of advancement of a political ideology, therefore there is no excuse for terrorism.
But. . . .. .
Please stop for a moment and think about what you are saying. "One thing that I must say is, no matter what your feelings are about the frustration of these people it does't change the fact that they resort to the murder of the innocent." You are basically saying palestinians are terrorists, and that daniel pearls executioner was palestinian! Really, you must stop and realize your logical fallacy, because its better to realize your mistakes and stop making them , than to continue making them. And i gotta make one more comment:

"...we will feel symptahy and sorrow for a few moments before continuing on with our daily mundaine tasks."

you call them daily mundaine tasks, i call it the eternal repitition of the same, and i attempt to embrace this idea and love it, because otherwise it can kill you. . . . .SPIRITUALLY!

Thanks again for the wonderful reminder, that killing innocents is the problem in the world. It is not the solution, and thats something US politicians should keep in mind these days. Wishing you all the best,

Mr Peabody

Here, Here, for Pearl! 10.Oct.2002 15:10

Rough Idea

I, also would like to offer tribute to Mr. Pearl. Reports that I have seen claim that Pearl was in Pakistan to investigate a very important story. He was reportedly there to investigate the $100,000 that was wired from the Pakistani intelligence office, to the lead hijacker in the 911 attacks, just prior to the attacks.

Had his investigation been successful, perhapse he could have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Bush administration allowed the attacks to occur, in order to further their own political agenda.

Long live Pearl!

the Goat Sheds Crocodile Tears 10.Oct.2002 15:22

Gutting the Goat

Get your pious crocodile tears for Daniel Pearl out of here.

You mutherfucking Goat ass has no credibility.

If the story Daniel Pearl was supposedly investigating about the $100,000 that Pakistani ISI chief gave to Atta ever came to light, it would also most likely implicate the American Governement and the Bush Regime in particular as the ones who authorized that payment in the first place.

Daniel Pearl most likely was murdered because he was about to stumble on a story which would convict your beloved Bush Regime and American government itself.

Daniel Pearl was a true journalist 10.Oct.2002 16:07


It sounds as though he was close to breaking the story that would have connected the Bush-Musharraf regime's interrelationships and thus was assassinated. The information on the website his wife and relatives have established suggests this as do the available stories on various newswires. Daniel Pearl will be remembered by many as a courageous journalist who gave his life in search for the truth.

not in my nmae 10.Oct.2002 18:17

Barry Lince amata_mea@hotmail.com

Daniel Pearl's wife is part of the same Buddhist sect that I am involved with (SGI-USA), and I know for sure that she does not want anymore bloodshed, especially in her husbands name.
The skill to transend vengence, anger, and violence and move directly to compassion and constructive considerations to solve the world's horrendeous problems is one that I know for sure that she posses., she is also one who does not want a war on Iraq and any other type of military\violent action.
Remembering Daniel Pearl is not just a fleeting moment for me, so please stop with the generalized statements. And in closing if we are going to remember him let us follow her example.


Not in his mane 10.Oct.2002 18:36

Barry Lince amata_mea@hotmail.com

Daniel Pearls wife belongs to the same Buddhist sect as I, and I know for sure that she does not want more bloodshed, especially in her husband's name.

The ability to transend vengence, anger, hostility, and immediately focus on compassion for her fellow human beings (even those that killed her husband)and positive and constructive solutions our world's horrendous problems, is an ability I know for sure that she posses.
I also know for sure that she does not support any war\military action of ANY KIND (Iraq, Isreal included).
In our Buddhism we believe that people should not be oppressed militarily(like the Palistinians) but should be allowed to move freely in openly among the world.
I know what your going to say next, but they will start more terror attacks, no you are wrong, 54 years of violent\military oppersion by Isreal is the main cause of retalitory 'terrorist' attacks.
Remembering Daniel Pearl will not be a fleeting memory in the back of my mind so please stop with the broad genrelazations. Peace to all