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people outside portland: call Smith to oppose war

political arithmetic:
Senator Smith may be giving added weight to antiwar calls from parts of the state where he's relying on lots of votes in November. The Senate will vote on war tonight or tomorrow morning - call now! Get your friends involved, too.
When I called Senator Gordon Smith to ask him to vote against war in Iraq, they didn't take my name or address. All they wanted to know was where I was calling from.

My interpretation: they are tracking antiwar sentiment by district, to determine how it plays in the areas where Smith needs to pick up swing voters. He probably can't count on much support in Portland beyond the Republican base, but he needs to be more careful in areas where he's counting on a strong showing.

The implication: Calls from areas where Smith has stronger support will be disproportionately effective right now. People outside of Portland, and especially in the eastern parts of the state, are more likely to have their voices heard.

Possible outcomes: Smith probably won't vote against the Iraq resolution now, although some people seem to think there's an outside chance. However, we might weaken his resolve, increasing the chance that he will defect from the War Party if things turn sour in the field. Also, we're laying the groundwork for him to vote against future expansions of Bush's war-making authority, or against the next war Bush proposes (and if this one is successful, there will be more).

What to do: Call now. The vote is expected tonight or tomorrow morning.
DC: 202 224 3753
Fax: 202 228 3997
Local: 503 326 3386

Calling his DC office may be more effective than the local one, although the lines will be busier. Your call shouldn't cost more than fifty cents if you're brief. A typed or handwritten letter faxed to DC might get more attention, as well.

Don't forget to get your friends, family, coworkers, etc. to call. A simple action like this is an easy first step for someone who's never gotten involved before.

In person 10.Oct.2002 15:06


I delivered a letter to the downtown office this am. attached to the letter was a news item that detailed the Mormon church's opposition to the war. I had to go in person because I could not get through on the phone.

Senator Smith
One World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon St., Suite 1250
Portland, OR 97204

Great job! 10.Oct.2002 16:11


now maybe it's time to occupy smith's office.

past time 10.Oct.2002 16:22


I think it may be time to occupy the whitehouse.

occupy Gordon Smith's office 10.Oct.2002 17:22


seriously yes, what about occupying Smith's office?

I believe we need to hold Smith accountable 11.Oct.2002 04:30


I believe we need to hold Smith accountable for his pro BUSH-WAR vote. When I went to the office to hand deliver my letter, his office assistant tried to tell me that Smith "probably knows things things we don't". To which I replied that Sen Wyden is on the Intelligence Committee and "probably knows things Smith doesn't know" and He is voting against the war.

I don't know much about Bradbury. I did have a dinner invite to meet him, but it was for Tuesday-the day we occupied Sen. Wyden's office so I couldn't get out to Beaverton that night.

If we "occupy" his office, we must also denounce his plan to "privitize/corporatize(can you say ENRON?) Social Security and his abysmal record on the Environment and Children's issues.