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genetic engineering


It would be nice to know what I'm eating...
Hey! Guess what? I actually agree with you hippie commies about something. I'm going to vote yes on 27 because I would like to know whats in the food I'm eating so I have a choice as to whether or not I eat that GMO crap. That way the free market economy and capitalism can make it go away.
Hippie Commies? 10.Oct.2002 17:35

Your funny

Hippie commies brought you seat belts, the 8 hour workday, the weekend, safe drinking water, an end to child labor in the united states, health benifits, safer food, etc..

You're right Trilox 10.Oct.2002 18:32


Any economist will tell you that accurate information and equal enforcement of the law is necessary for free markets to run fairly and efficiently. So why don't you conservative types join us in trying to get rid of corporate welfare, unfair tax subsidies, below market grazing fees on public lands, timber sales that actually lose the publice's money, etc.?

I'm with you on this one... 10.Oct.2002 19:15


"timber sales that actually lose the publice's money"

Actually, I dislike the USFS and the way it is run. Why? Because I used to work for them. The trouble is, there is absolutely no oversight to them so they just kind of do as they please. Everyone praised what Clinton did with the USFS when he was in office but I think he fucked it up even worse than it was.

In my opinion since all USFS land is ours there should be an immediate halt to all logging on public land for awhile until we can access the forest. And thats coming from a third generation woodsman. Then we need to go back in and open up all the fire roads to all the clone tree farms and thin the fuck out of them. Then get rid of all the slash and plant native cedar, hemlock and spruce. I would also leave all the larger trees alone.

Needless to say, I think using wood to build houses is a dead idea. I'm in the planning stages of building a new house in a few years and it ain't going to have much more wood in it than oak cabinets. Get rid of the demand and then the supply will stay as it is.

I would suggest anyone who calls themselves an environmentalist try their best to get out of their wood house too because they are all fire traps. Especially all those funky old piece of shit houses in NE and SE. All the joists have termites and dry rot and are ready to fall down before long...