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War arithmetic

Saw this at the main IMC site and thought I'd pass it on


War on Iraq arithmetic (english)
. 11:38am Thu Oct 10 '02 (Modified on 12:17pm Thu Oct 10 '02)

Answer this special problem for extra credit.

If the deaths of 86 Branch-Davidians at Waco produced 1 Timothy McVeigh, how many Timothy McVeighs will be produced by the deaths of 500,000 or so innocent Iraqis?

Answer (for extra credit): _____________

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Not enough information (english)
xtracreditguy 11:56am Thu Oct 10 '02

Do you want us to calculate the number of terrorists based on the "McVeigh ratio" (i.e. the number of Americans reacting), or should the answer be extrapolated to take into account reaction of the much larger world population?


another question (english)
mathgeek 12:17pm Thu Oct 10 '02

Does the problem assume that the life of one Branch Davidian is equal to the life of one Iraqi? I'm guessing that it does, since both fall into the category of "Not Like Us", but just wanted to be sure.

gee, I love messin with teachers


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Fetal Position 10.Oct.2002 12:50

Col. Kurtz

For God's sake we wouldn't want to piss off some Arabs, because as we know they are so warm and fuzzy already.

Our other option could be to jump in to bed and pull the covers up and hope everything just goes away.

P.S. you are fucking dumb ass
Pass that on, Cunt

Of, course, the CIA says... 10.Oct.2002 13:46

reponse to Kurtz

The CIA is saying that doing nothing is the best course of action since:
1) Hussein has never attacked the US mainland
2) Hussein may not have any delivery systems to reach the US
3) It's not in Hussein's best interest to attack the US, for fear of retaliation (whatever happened to "deterrence")
4) He may not even have any weapon systems in the first place
5) If he does have weapon systems and a delivery system than an invasion by the US will remove the penalty for him to use them (once one is attacked there is no reason to fear attack)

But then, I'm sure people will just assume that George Tennet, director of the CIA is just some left-wing wacko...



if someone showed up with a boatload of goodies and spare parts for the water supply they'd be king for a day.

I know the kids in the army and marines are looking forward to it. they will until........

I think I'll renounce my citizenship. burn my social security card and do some venting....