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The time for war is now

We can no longer afford to let Saddam exist
Saddam Hussein has been acquiring the technology to build a long-range "supergun" capable of firing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, German prosecutors allege.

The claim follows the charging of two Germans who allegedly bought cannon drilling equipment and shipped it to Iraq via Jordan four years ago.

The investigation into the Mannheim-based firm Alriwo began last year. Hubert Jobski, from the prosecutor's office, said yesterday other arrests were expected, and the two men under arrest could each be sentenced to 15 years if found guilty.

"We are convinced that from Mannheim the equipment went to Iraq," said Mr Jobski. "Others will be accused in the case, and we hope to wrap it up very soon."

The prosecution says that one of the accused men, Alriwo employee Bernd Schompeter, bought equipment worth about 220,000 from another company called Burgsmueller in north Germany.

Meanwhile, George Tenet, director of the CIA, contradicted President George Bush in Washington by stating that President Saddam was unlikely to attack the United States with either conventional or weapons of mass destruction in the near future. But he warned that the Iraqi leader might do so if an invasion by America became inevitable.

In a letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mr Tenet released previously classified testimony in which a senior CIA official said the risk of an unprovoked attack by President Saddam was "low".

If cornered, he "probably would become less constrained", either by using the weapons himself or giving it to a terrorist group to carry out an attack on the US "as his last chance of taking a large number of victims with him".

The CIA and the White House sought to deny there had been a split, insisting that the Tenet letter was "consistent" with President Bush's views.

In any case, the letter is unlikely to damage Mr Bush's chances of securing a massive endorsement by Congress of a resolution authorising him to use force against Iraq. A core of Democrats, led by Robert Byrd of West Virginia, are vowing to use every possible procedural tactic to stall the debate. This could mean final Senate ratification will not be until next week.

Washington said that the gun attack in Kuwait on American marines on Tuesday was the work of al-Qa'ida.
I Can't Run, But I CAN Hide 10.Oct.2002 13:15

Osama Bin Laughing

What exactly is the strategy here? The U.S. has apparently failed to bring public enemy number one to justice. Therefore, since the primary target was too difficult to aquire, the U.S. changes the target. Goat begins his/her article with "We can no longer afford to let Saddam exist", and ends it with "Washington said that the gun attack in Kuwait on American marines on Tuesday was the work of al-Qa'ida." Did Saddam take over 'al-Qa'ida'?

In my view, the primary concern with respect to pre-emptive attack is not the fact that so many innocent people will die as a result, or that it will result in destabilization of the area. The primary concern here, in my humble opinion, is whether or not the U.S. has a government based on the rule of law. There is no provision in international law, or the constitution of the U.S. that allows for and unprovoked attack on another sovereign state. Additionally, assasination of a national leader is specificly prohibited.

These restrictions are not in place to weaken national strength. They stand as a solid foundation of principle, and provide vital protections against abuse of power. Once these protections are undermined, the U.S. runs the risk of complete abandonment of acceptable conduct. The U.S. risks resmbling Israel, rejecting due process, adopting a guilty with no chance of proving yourself innocent policy, and becomming increasingly brutal in atrocious attacks on civilians, with overwhelming force.

The most powerful tool that the most powerful nation in history now has, is restraint. The U.S. can now speak from a position of extreme power, with a clear ability to obliterate any nation of its choosing. The U.S. has an opportunity to lead the world, by demonstrating an alternative to widespread death and destruction, while reserving the ability to back up our position with overwhelming force as a LAST result.

Finally, even if you believe that George W. Bush is a legitemate head of state, even if you reject the idea that Bush is whipping up war support as a destraction from domestic problems, such as the current economic crisis, and implication of himself and many other members of his administration in highly questionable business practices, there remains a compelling reason to oppose the presidential war authority that Bush seeks. Balance of power is set up so that CONGRESS has the deciding voice on decisions about war. Congress is the arm of government which represents the will of the people. Undermining this balance of power threatens to allot excessive power to one individual, and relys on trust as the only safeguard against abuse.

The Goat is a Crack Head 10.Oct.2002 14:47


In other news, it has recently been revealed that Saddam Hussein's elite air force unit, Group 7, is behind all the major UFO sightings, alien abductions, cattle mutilations, crop circles and other paranormal activity that has plagued the West in recent decades. UFO's are in reality Iraqi fighter planes, and the abductees were kidnapped to satisfy the insatiable sexual and sadistic appetites of the "Butcher of Baghdad." The crop circles and cattle mutilations were part of a coordinated campaign to turn nature against the United States. Bush has vowed to seek justice for the American people.

Moving on, Is Bush the reincarnation of Jesus Christ? Here new and compelling evidence, right after this!

We can Longer Afford to Let America Exist 10.Oct.2002 17:01

Nuke America; Save the Planet

The Goat has got it all wrong. The world can longer allow America to exist. Especially those Patriotic pigs like the Goat who are frothing at the mouth. These bastards should be hunted down, castrated, and then destroyed.

As for the rest of America, a few thousand nukes raining down on their cities should teach them a little something the horrors of war. This Fascist terror nation is a global dicatorship in everything but name. Time to end the 200 hundred Frankenstein experiment called America.

Nagasaki. Hiroshima. Washington DC....