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Byrd Amendment Failed

The Byrd amendment has failed. It would have virtually rendered the Senate resolution regarding giving war powers to the unelected pResident ineffective. Ron Wyden was one of those opposing the Byrd amendment. What does that say about his stance against war?
I listened as the Senate voted on the Byrd amendment to the resolution giving Bush war powers.

Each NO sounded like a knife. The few ayes were so few, it was hard to hold out hope they would prevail.

I don't know the specifics of the Byrd Amendment, but I heard Republican (and Democrat) Senators railing against it because it would render the war powers to Bush ineffective.

Ron Wyden voted against the Byrd Amendment. I am wondering if that vote shows how lukewarm is his opposition to war.

The following Senators voted FOR the Byrd Amendment:
Byrd, Jeffords, Sarbanes, Kennedy, Murray, Feingold, Specter, Inouye, Durbin, Dayton, Leahy, Wellstone, McCulsky, Boxer.

The usual suspects voted AGAINST the Byrd Amendmentincluding:
Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Jean Carnahan, Maria Cantwell, Tom Daschle and 81 others.