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Furse contact info

Elizabeth Furse spoke to thousands at the Rally for Peace on Saturday and then hours later endorsed Senator Gordon Smith. I just called Senator Smith's office and was informed that the Senator will vote for Bush's war. I urge you to contact her for an explanation.
Full Name: Elizabeth Furse
E-mail Address:  fursee@pdx.edu
Title: Associate Director of Tribal Programs
Department: PAD
Campus Phone Number:503-725-6426
Fax Number: +(503) 725-8250
Office:670B UPA
Mailing Address:
Institute for Tribal Government PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207
Mail Code: PA

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdx.edu/psuinfo/index.php

bill's no different 10.Oct.2002 12:13


bill bradbury also supports a war. there's no difference there.

you know, if there was a REAL liberal taking on senator smith, he might have a chance of winning. fucking democrats, selling us out every chance they get.

No endorsement prefered 10.Oct.2002 12:44


Why ANY endorsement? And the timing? As Smith votes to start WW3.

Bradbury has NOT endorsed the war 10.Oct.2002 14:31


Actually Bradbury has not endorsed the war, I have no idea where you got the idea that he had. Here is his press release from yesterday.


Bradbury no environmentalist 10.Oct.2002 14:39


Anyone who was at Sec. of State Bradbury's "Environmental Town Hall Meeting" heard him declare the following:

1) He endorses old-growth logging of anything 100 acres and smaller.

2) He believes salmon can coexist with dams and cited the Hanford Reach as an example of healthy salmon -- of course, that area of the Columbia does *NOT* have a dam.

3) His solution for exotic invasive plants and animals was to import other exotic plants and animals to keep in check.

4) Declared the beauty of the "timber forests" of the Klamath-Siskiyou.

5) He declared that ODF Chief Forester Jim Brown was an innovative genious.

6) He fully supports full bore logging on the state lands as an appropriate way to raise money for schools.

7) He is a FTAA, NFTA, WTO "free trader."

8) When asked about the Klamath he declared that everyone needed to make some compromises...I wonder how many dead fish equals a compromise?

And now we hear he's on the war bandwagon.

Not much to be excited about with that candidate...