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"president is seeking powers that none has had before" Bryd on Senate floor

Byrd is attempting to defend constitution-- as the resolution is being rammed through -- listen to NPR now
"president is seeking powers that none has had before" Bryd on Senate floor

"What are they teaching in law school these days?"

"This resolution is full of holes"

just a few of the quotes that are on the floor-
What is happening? I don't have a radio 10.Oct.2002 10:19


Is Byrd filibustering or just making another long-winded but well intended speech? Info please!!

C-SPAN 10.Oct.2002 10:42


If you can get online, you can hear/see the debates at www.cspan.org.

Byrd can't filibuster anymore, cloture was invoked this morning so there's less than 30 hours of time less before a final vote on the resolution. Byrd's amendment, which would give more power to Congress to check Bush's actions, failed. They're debating the Levin amendment right now (it would require a multi-lateral action).

Debate has been limited - no more .. 10.Oct.2002 12:09


Debate has now been limited to 1 hour per senator - as of this morning

debate limit 10.Oct.2002 12:51

The One True b!X

That's what cloture does. Starts a final 30 hour clock, with no more than an hour given to any Senator who wants to speak. Of course, the math on that doesn't work if all 100 Senators want a full hour to speak.

Technically, a 3/5 vote of the Senate can increase that 30 hours to something more.

You've got to be kidding... 10.Oct.2002 12:53


Anyone who takes Byrd serious needs to have their head examined for mad cow disease. The guy should have a dribble bib around his neck and an Attends adult diaper wrapped around his ass because he is only a couple of months away from his first Alzheimers delusion...

Just like your heroes? 10.Oct.2002 15:26

Kettle to Pot

Right, and those illustrious paragons of the right like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond our strapping young men in the prime of their youth.

Man, please continue to suck the glass dick. You do it so well.

things are heating up.... 10.Oct.2002 15:33


"president is seeking powers that none has had before"

yikes those are strong words coming from a senator.

What happens when you add a vampiric administration bent on absolute power with factions of sub-administrations (CIA,FBI,ECT) resisting? internal war.

and what do you get with an Internal administrative war plus a criminal leadership waging war on people with nothing left to lose PLUS religious terrorists with cause to die for PLUS a growing WORLDWIDE resistance PLUS dwindling fuel supplies PLUS impending ecological collapse PLUS a world dominating culture based on apathy and consumption AND it's Own economic implosion ?


I am telling you, the real "enemies" will be revealed as they are and dragged through the streets by the people before the suffering ends.

A new world or total annihilation awaits us. the choice is up to us both as a whole and individually.