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about censorship

Do we need to denigrateone another, in order to make our own views more poignant?
I think not.
Confrontational behavior encourages confrontation. We need to respect one another, and agree to disagree. Communication ceases to be, when the rock throwing starts. If we are to be peace activists, let us be peaceful. Ten thousand years of confrontational behaviour have led us to where we stand today-which direction should we go from here? When you call someone a bitch, asshole, or other derogatory name, how much more communication do you feel will be accomplished with that person?
act now for peace 10.Oct.2002 10:45

rebel with a cause and a clue

Fighting for peace is an oxymoron, and dissention in our ranks dilutes our purpose. Please people, why can we not TRY to see the viewpoint of others? To respect is not to accept another's argument, but is to justify their respect for your viewpoint.

om shanti shanti shanti 10.Oct.2002 11:08

peace rebel girl

peace is the path

someone had a good point.... 10.Oct.2002 11:35

sacred chao

In an earlier thread on this topic, someone pointed out that the trolls on the newswire are similar to protestors blocking traffic, and I think he/she/it's on to something there.

Naturally, we think our actions are intelligent and well-considered while the spammers and trolls are dumbshits. But of course we're going to think that, aren't we? And those who disagree with us think we're dumbshits for blocking traffic, and the trolls are taking wise and strategic action to get our attention.

I'm not opposed to some sort of loose editorial control. I think the theory of pure open publishing needs to be tempered by the necessities of practice. But if we're going to open ourselves to claims of hypocrisy (as the earlier poster has charged), we should be aware of it.

nothing nothing nothing

Slight differences 10.Oct.2002 14:56

your name

While I have no problem with conservative posts on this web site, the childish rants that certain names have posted on here are ridiculous and should be dealt with i.e. categorized or just removed.
As for the above statement about us blocking traffic, what are we also protesting but what's in their gas tanks... The trolls have nothing so valuable to protest against. It is not the same.

It's the same 11.Oct.2002 12:33


You are protesting against what's in their gas tanks. Something that's important to you.

They are protesting your physical disruption (and the planning of, which is what this site is used for) of their lives, which includes everything from picking the kids up from school to making it to their night class as they further their education (the possibilities are endless). Something that's important to them.

You see, arguement and debate is meaningful but harmless. Blocking streets, graffiti, vandalism, and disruption of uninvolved citizens is harmful. Disrupting this site with spam and meaningless posts is also harmful. You want to get rid of one, while planning and supporting the other, and you base it on "what's important to you".