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cloture approved

Final 30 hours of Senate debate to begin soon.
The vote isn't finished, but they have their 60 votes for cloture.

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75-25 10.Oct.2002 08:38

The One True b!X

Cloture vote was 75 in favor, 25 against. FWIW, Wyden voted not to have cloture and to continue the debate.

Dems sold out 10.Oct.2002 09:26

Hope Marston hmarston@epud.net

The following Democrats sold out and voted for cloture:

Tom Daschle
Joseph Lieberman
Dianne Feinstein
Hillary Clinton
Jean Carnahan
Maria Cantwell

There were others, but I didn't write their names.

One surprise: Arlan Specter voted no.

Let's remember this when either Joe Lieberman or Hillary Clinton runs for president.

Democrats were NEVER for us 10.Oct.2002 11:48

Gringo Stars

Joe Lieberman has been a punk-bitch for the drug industry his entire career. Hillary Clinton is MARRIED to one of the biggest warmongers ever, a "humanitarian bomber." Demopublicans and Republicrats are working together to fuck us and blind us. I'm glad that this cloture vote finally demonstrates this graphically.

Al Gore took money from all the corporations that George The Second is also sponsored by. Democrats deserve my scorn just about as much as Republicans do. Fuck em.

Voting OUR interest 10.Oct.2002 12:48


It isn't about Democrats or Republicans or Greens.It is about voting CANDIDATES who vote progressive and who look out for PEOPLE.