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When and if war happens lets take downtown!

Lets meet downtown
Let's take downtown PDX if a war is announced. We know the truth and the truth is the world is not behind this war. So if you get the news, turn off the TV, dress in black and let us defy this BUSHIT! Lets meet downtown with signs. Let everyone know there will be a spontaneous protest if it is decided we will go to war against the will of the American workers who are funding it with lives and tax dollars! Do not be complacent, do not cry indoors or in your cars, cry on the streets for all to see! This war must NOT be In Our Name!
take the bridges 10.Oct.2002 00:07

u-lock boy

portland's reliance on its bridges makes it easily paralyzed by a small number of people, say 100 each on the Hawthorne, Morrison and Burnside to start with. sit down in the middle. lock down if necessary. non-violently, peacefully, but very actively shut down the city.

business as usual in america must be stopped because the business as usual of america is war.

Get ready, let's go 10.Oct.2002 00:17


Lyndon Johnson once said that the day he looked out the window of the White House and saw 800,000 anti-war protestors was the day he knew the Vietnam war was over.

I'm with you 10.Oct.2002 07:25


see you in the streets, comrade.

Just a thought ... 10.Oct.2002 08:05

maxomai maxomai@aracnet.com

The moment the bombs start dropping is the moment we've lost. I would suggest that our efforts be directed toward ending the war before it begins.

Lyndon Johnson said that he knew Vietnam was over when he saw 800,000 protesters outside the White House. Unfortunately, the Vietnam War lasted for another six and a half years after his administration ended.

Already planned 10.Oct.2002 08:17


There's already a plan in place for anytime that the US starts war with another country. If it starts before 4 PM, meet at 4 at Terry Shrunk Plaza. If it's after 4, meet at 4 PM the next day. I've heard that this is a tradition in Portland.

I'll Be There 10.Oct.2002 12:56

in the streets

Yes. We take to the streets. GENERAL STRIKE. They wanna start a war the people don't support? Let the people strike back. Those who are supporting war are not the people who do the productive work in this society. We do. If we don't work, they don't eat. If we don't work, they don't profit. If we don't work, they become irrelevant.
But to u renee, yes that's been a pattern, but i say no matter what time the bombs start dropping, we take the streets then and there, and we don't give them up. This is our contingency plan though. Let's get out there and act NOW to prevent this from becoming necessary.

Um 10.Oct.2002 18:43


Like it or not, even some of your own people here have stated that you are in the minority.

You may be right, you certainly believe you are right, but to claim you represent "most of Americans" just doesn't hold water.

As for striking, I think if you actually did it you'd see that you have very little affect on the economy. The fact is, as outspoken as some people can be, when push comes to shove and it's time to put their money where their mouths are, they decide their families and wallets come first and they will not strike.

As for shutting down the bridges - if you think the cops have been intolerant and violent before, wait until they get the green light in the name of "emergency services", "community safety", and "national security" and see what happens. They'll be tasked with opening up those routes, and they'll open them - and the general public will support it.

Um...Again 10.Oct.2002 19:08


You assert most people are for a war, the latset polls show a 53-60% approval for war and that's nationwide, this is Portland. I have no doubt most of the people living in Portland are against it.
You say that people striking against a war wont have an effect. The Longshore lockout of 10,000 dockworkers has cost $2 billion a day. even if only 1% of the Portland population went on strike that would be 50,000 people. Since capitalism works on profit you produce more value than you are paid. So even 50,000 minimum wage workers would cost at least $14 billion a day.
I think you're right about an extremely violent police response that would come from blocking the bridges. So either come prepared to fight or organize a traffic/business diruption plan with an affinity group to take place somewhere else in town. I'm sort of partial to the classic burning tires in the street tactic.

hmmmm 10.Oct.2002 20:01


5000 people recently took a Saturday off and participated in a march downtown against the war.

Do you really think 50,000 people will walk off their jobs for the same reason???