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Bush's Godless America

This billboard is located on I-5 in Portland between Terwilliger and Barbur Blvds. and is most easily seen heading northbound. It was first seen at 5 o'clock, durring rush hour traffic on Wednesday October 9, 2002.
Bush's Godless America
Bush's Godless America
This billboard is located on I-5 in Portland between Terwilliger and Barbur Blvds. and is most easily seen heading northbound. It was first seen at 5 o'clock, durring rush hour traffic on Wednesday October 9, 2002.
Nice... 09.Oct.2002 21:46


Looks like you are proud of your work...

Now that's truth in advertising 09.Oct.2002 21:48


I hope this isn't just photoshop. Whoever did this, Right on!

original billboard said... 09.Oct.2002 23:13

slow on the uptake

it took me a little while to figure it out, but now i see from the covered up "B" that the original billboard said, "God Bless America". just thought i'd mention that in case other folks out there are as slow as me. :)

HOLY SHIT! 10.Oct.2002 00:12


that rocks!

right on!! 10.Oct.2002 07:20


thats some nice work! i applaud the liberators!

truth liberation! 10.Oct.2002 07:27

peace rebel girl

let us liberate more billboards!

Great Work! 10.Oct.2002 09:04


Right on! Let's keep the subversive acts going.

inspired 10.Oct.2002 10:24


Major props to whoever pulled that one off...that's absolutely brilliant. Keep up the good work.

p.s. is there a peace rally next saturday?

I would love to shake your hand... 10.Oct.2002 13:01

The Goat

There is nothing like defacing a billboard and disrespecting the memory of the 3000+ innocents who were murdered on 9/11
The that anyone would approve of this action is disgusting and horrific.

Not that I every would get the oppertunity, but if we did ever meet eachother I would take great pleasure in making you bite down on some street curb while I kick the back of you empty skull.
Mabey a Chicago Smile is too good for you.
Fucking terrorist

I too would like to meet you 10.Oct.2002 13:05

Brooklin Grin

That would be too good
I would like to slice you open and piss in your open chest cavity

I hope bad things happen to you and your family

That's not disrespectful at all... 10.Oct.2002 13:15

John Wayne

I think what is more disrespectful than any billboard statement is that Bush is using the tragic deaths of 3000 innocents on 9/11 as his excuse to murder thousands of innocent Iraqis in order to seize their countries oil reserves and line the pockets of his financiers in the oil industry. Now THAT is sick.

That's not disrespectful at all... 10.Oct.2002 13:18

John Wayne

I think what is more disrespectful than any billboard statement is that Bush is using the tragic deaths of 3000 innocents on 9/11 as his excuse to murder thousands of innocent Iraqis in order to seize their countries oil reserves and line the pockets of his financiers in the oil industry. Now THAT is sick.

Listen JOAN Wayne 10.Oct.2002 13:30

The Goat

Exactly which thousands of innocent Iraqies are you speaking of, This isn't WWII where we are dropping cluster bombs on major cities hoping to hit an arms depot. With are smart weapons we have missles that will knock on your front door, come in for tea and cookies before ignighting. This significantly reduces innocent casutlies.
Let me save you the time of saying civilians will still die, this I know but most of them will because Saddam will tie childern to his tanks while firing on U.S. troops.
Wheather you shitheads like it or not Saddam, Bin Laden and Arafat are the problem not Bush.
Hey if we had Gore he would be pissing his pants under his desk in the oval office right about now.

Hmmm 10.Oct.2002 14:31


So whats the price of an iraqi life Goat? A buck forty? About the same as a gallon of gas, right?

for starters 10.Oct.2002 14:35


We could talk about the 1.5 million dead Iraqis who have died as a direct result of the sanctions.

Or we could talk about the thousands of Iraqis killed in the Gulf War, regardless of our smart weapons.

Or, instead of Iraqis, we could talk about the nearly 8,000 dead Americans who have died since participating in the Gulf War. If that number seems high, it should, and it's not a coincidence.

Is that what you wanted?

Also, tying Arafat, Hussein, and bin Laden together only highlights your ignorance about foreign policy and history. I would recommend doing some research to understand the issues surrounding these individuals. This is not a defense of these individuals, just a means to highlight that they have completely different ideologies. It would help your arguments immensely if you could point out those differences, as well as the historic context with which the US has involved itself with all of these men, and the middle east in general.

brooklyn grin 10.Oct.2002 14:51


rest assured, bad things WILL happen to you and your family you filty fucker.

Please Don't Feed the Trolls 10.Oct.2002 16:04


Please do not feed the Troll "The Goat." It is of the species Sadis Idioticus, which like most other Trolls will drop its tiny jar of vaseline and [in]breed when fed.

Do, however continue the posts of billboard liberations. I am all too familiar with this particular board. Its sick exploitation of 911 is now turned into an appropriate self-critique. Bravo.

my opinion 10.Oct.2002 16:58

i've seen the billboard.

i think the billboard is not representing all the people who died on september eleventh but refering to bush himself, i'm sure that Bush is one of our problems and Osama and and Saddam is another, but if we dont attack Iraq there is a much smaller chance of Saddam sending nuclear warheads in our direction... i hope this war will never start because the human lives that will be lost will be very high. why should we be able to control neclear weapons and we attack all the other nations that have them? will bush want to attack Russia next? and the united states is the only country who had used an Atom bomb against an other country right? i dont get this country at all.

Horrible 10.Oct.2002 17:47


That billboard doesn't have anything to do with Bush, or the war, or any of your political bullshit.

It's about honoring the people who died. It's a memorial.

To deface that and turn it into a political statement is indefensible. You might as well graffiti a graveyard, or a Vietnam memorial somewhere.

More importantly, it's counter-productive. Take a poll of who feels sorrow about the deaths of 9/11, take a poll of who feels that defacing their memory is disgusting.

Now attach that disgust, by your own actions, to the anti-war movement. Congratulations, you just turned them against you. You want to get the people who are "on the fence" on your side? You just took a big step in fucking it up.

Eat Shit and Die 10.Oct.2002 20:03


Fuckin' retards.

piss poor memorial 10.Oct.2002 22:55

Lamet Vali

While I'm certainly sympathetic toward the people who died, having a memorial on a billboard on the side of I-5 is fucking twisted. Why not put a memorial on McDonalds wrappers or give away a "limited edition twin towers children's toy" with every fillup at Chevron. I'm sure many of the 9-11 dead are rolling in their graves over the way their unfortunate demise has been taken advantage of by opportunists like Bush and his cronies.

MAybe some of the people who died 10.Oct.2002 22:57


The people who died were Americans which means they have freedom of religion or lack there of. This was not a memorial to any american who died that day but a basic common thread seen since 9-11 to discredit other faith's sorrow and to impose christianity on all of the country. I am glad you defaced that sorry peace of shit! A memorial would not have taken the deaths of a few christians and flown in the faces of the victims, muslim, hindu, budhist victims, and so on and so on... The wide spread ignorance started by corporate media was fought with direct action. If you want to honor the dead honor all of them not just the ones you identify with! Until then, tell it like it is!

A Sign of the Times 11.Oct.2002 14:39

Ernest Krieger

To those who think that the I-5 billboard is anything other than propaganda, I suggest reading "Mein Kampf". The technique of exploiting the sincere emotions of the general public for perverted nationalistic and imperialistic ends is "old hat". The sign in its original format was devious, deceitful and disrepectful to the victims of 9/11 and their families.

True patriots will join with us as we take "The Pledge of Resistance" to the Boy King's malevlolent exploitation of our national tragedy for his own devious ends:

The Pledge of Resistance
We believe that as people living
in the United States it is our
responsibility to resist the injustices
done by our government,
in our names

Not in our name
will you wage endless war
there can be no more deaths
no more transfusions of blood for oil

Not in our name
will you invade countries
bomb civilians, kill more children
letting history take its course
over the graves of the nameless

Not in our name
will you erode the very freedoms
you have claimed to fight for

Not by our hands
will we supply weapons and funding
for the annihilation of families
on foreign soil

Not by our mouths
will we let fear silence us

Not by our hearts
will we allow whole peoples
or countries to be deemed evil

Not by our will
and Not in our name

We pledge resistance

We pledge alliance with those
who have come under attack
for voicing opposition to the war
or for their religion or ethnicity

We pledge to make common cause
with the people of the world
to bring about justice,
freedom and peace

Another world is possible
and we pledge to make it real.

NION New York/National Office
A Sign of the Times
A Sign of the Times

UNbelieveable 11.Oct.2002 20:27

WoW loveametalhead@slayerized.com

All I will say is I must Quote
Now that's truth in advertising
right on!!
truth liberation!
Great Work!
That's not disrespectful at all...
for starters
Please Don't Feed the Trolls
Eat Shit and Die
piss poor memorial
MAybe some of the people who died
A Sign of the Times

Good stuff people...
fuck the goat!
And hey here's some good sites to educate yourself's
percyschmeiser.com or org ?
KBOO.fm good radio!!!

Lots of good stuff

to the goat 12.Oct.2002 10:53


to the goat.
you were talking about how this is not ww2 and we arent carpet bombing cities hoping to hit a supply depot in a populated city. true. on the other hand our smart wepons, including the "bunker busting" types were used during the gulf war. a number of times these bombs were dropped into bomb shelters during night raids, where the civilian population hid at night. they were suspected to be military instalations. the charred remains of men women and children proved otherwise. there will always be mistakes like this in a war. just look at the evidence in afghanistan, hospitals, churches and weddings and marketplaces being bombed. between the dates of october and december 2001 our bombing campain in afghanistan claimed the lives of between 3000 and 4000 civilians in that country. now thats only 3 months. i havnt heard any recent figures. just look at almost any war that has been, and the civilian casualties usually outnumber military. which will most likely bee the case in afghanistan and palistine and most likely iraq too. no matter how smart the wepons are, you must factor in that the humans who opperate them are far from perfect and the intelligence can be faulty to. just look to my previous examples.
anyways, i thought the billboard was good.
i can definitely see the case against it though. but all the same i agree with the fact that our emotions are being constanly minipulated by those in power.
good work for speaking your minds
and to everyone, extend your sympathies to every innocent civilian killed in a terrorist attack, whether in our country or in all the others we are going to war with.
we are all victims
peace and love

hi 12.Oct.2002 12:41

jeff genocide@boybandclub.com

i'd just like to give a thumbs up to this. i understand how people might be offended by it, but really they shouldn't be (this has already been explained).
turn their propaganda right around.

tallahassee florida

GOAT is not smart and has no heart 12.Oct.2002 12:55

Been There, Goat and you are wrong

To Goat,

You are not well informed (yes we did drop many cluster bombs just THIS year in Afghanistan, for example), and you are also a violent and cruel person.

Yes, Bush, and anyone, is GODLESS who callously is quick to kill innocents as would happen in Iraq. If you DO read the bible, think how Jesus would really handle it.

Your anger reveals something else about you...and it's not in anyway good for society.

Silent B's abound 12.Oct.2002 14:05


I always thought the B was silent on these God Bless messages. The B is as silent as when somebody says "*ush is a scummy terrorist"

Silent B's abound 12.Oct.2002 14:06


I always thought the B was silent on these God Bless messages. The B is as silent as when somebody says "*ush is a scummy terrorist"

do not give him what he wants 12.Oct.2002 14:29

pr0jekt kancer

Do not give the goat what he wants. It is obvious he is a hate monger, and people are giving him just the fuel he needs by responding to his hypocritical and fascist remarks, as enraging as they are. Save your energy.

God bless BUSH - Opponents ! 12.Oct.2002 18:19

Ray Dubuque Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org

A war like this is a great test for those who claim to represent God, especially the ones who support Usurper George "Warmonger" Bush. See why "Liberals Like Christ" don't think that George Bush's "favorite philosophyer" would name George W. as his "favorite U.S. president" at  http://www.LiberalsLikeChrist.Org/BushRecord !!!

Bush Will Rot!!! 12.Oct.2002 20:42

Brendon Brown Skunk_man@comcast.net

Sigh, what a wonderful display of inginuity. Since such statements dont fall under free speech, we must find ways to spread our veiws and use propaganda to our advantage. No to answer all the bible thumpers and other red, white and brainwashed; its its not as disrespectful as they way Bush exploits its message to complete its fascists agenda. Counter-productive? I am unsure. The way i see it is the religous might see that bush is using the name is 'god' for his own benefit. They will hopefully see that is working against what, i hope, a god would think is right (i dont beleive killing millions of innocents of right). Terrorists we are eh? No, this doesnt really cause terror, except to the terrible brainwashed. 3000 didnt actually die in the september 11 attacks, they knocked the count down after checking the lists and finding people erroneously listed as missing to about 2500 and maybe less. and more innocent civilians have died in Afg. through the US led state-terrorism. Plus making them 'bite the curb' definately wouldnt solve the fact that the bill board was editted. Well i hope people see through the white-washed media coverage of US foreign policy and take a move in stopping this war, and end this fascist regime we reside in.

Become the Media 12.Oct.2002 21:03


This is only the beginning. I think we need to use every medium we can to get the message across. Billboards are a good start. Sorry the propaganda you so love got "defaced".Oh, and hey, I don't think threatening to kill you're fellow American over a billboard is logical or patriotic. Shame on both of you.

I Know Goat 13.Oct.2002 00:55

The Shaddow

He's an over weight mustachioed goon, who shouldn't drink so much beer before getting on the internet. He can't back up his threats of violence, aside from sitting on you in your sleep. But it's unlikely he'd be able to get his fat fuckn hairy ass accross the living room, much less to your home.

Brooklin Grin 13.Oct.2002 00:57

Yo Ugly Mamma

Your not even from Brooklyn! Shame on you!

Yeah it's real 13.Oct.2002 08:32

Straight outta P-town

Yep - It's real. I live in Portland and seen it. If you go around town, you'll see alot of this. Portland is a pretty active town.

Praise the jyhad converts! 13.Oct.2002 08:53

Achmed Muhammed Bin Muhammed (American)

It should have been painted in the blood of the infidels!
Death to America!
Death to the Jews!
Death to Israel!
Death to the Christians!
Death to the Republicans!
Death to the white man!
Death to blue-jeans!
Death to soda!
Death to fast food!
Death to television!
Death to drug dealers!
Death to women's rights!

Long live al-qaida!
Long live iraq!
Long live saddam!

The people we starve give their lives to allah and live forever in paradise as their aid packages give us money to buy radar systems from ukraine so we can shoot at coalition aircraft everyday!

Long live the couragous muslim immigrants that invade the infidels and use their democracy against them to vote for islamic law!

Long live allah!

just some points and some questions... 13.Oct.2002 21:07

Mike McGregor 129311011@loyalistc.on.ca

On the subject of smart-bombs over Iraq:
The amount of smart bombs used compared to all the ordinance droped over Iraq during the Gulf war was a lot smaller than you probably think. Smart-bombs only made for a tiny persentage of the munitions droped by allied planes. And of the smart bombs dropped, they still don't make any distinction between a military instalation and a civilian building that accidentally(?*) made it onto the target list.

(*call me crazy, but i see a patteren with these air campaingns and at least one erroant bomb in each. gulf war- bomb shelter. kosovo- chinese embassy. Sudan- baby food factory. Afganistan- red cross depot, wedding, afghan tibal leaders heading to national assembely, etc... seems to me that demoralizing civilian populations is still a part of U.S. stratagy.)

On the subject of Achmed Muhammed Bin Muhammed's post:

Ya know, some of us whities aren't that bad. I think i'm a good guy and i bet if you met me, you'd like me too! I'm sure there's a lot a good jews and a lot of good christians so that sweeping condemnation really dosen't fly with me If you subsituded 'christians' for 'blacks' you'd sound like a Klansmen and i'm sure your really not that ignorant. i agree with you condemnation of blue-jeans, fast-food and telivision, but what's wrong with soda? sure it gives you gas, but dose that really warrant death to soda? as for drug-dealers, i don't know that we need to kill them, maby just a good 'ol beating is in order. On the issue of woman's rights, i really don't think you could be more wrong. long live strong women!

any hoo, if you wish to dicuss our diffrences on our outlook on the world more, my email is at the top.
i'd like to learn a bit about islam...



Apologist 13.Oct.2002 23:15

anon a. anon

Achmed Muhammed Bin Muhammed: death to whites, christians, jews

Mike McGregor: oh come on you don't mean that, we're nice just like you're nice

Achmed Muhammed Bin Muhammed: death to television and pants

Mike McGregor: i agree! see i knew you were nice

Achmed Muhammed Bin Muhammed: death to women's rights

Mike McGregor: gosh darnit, if only you didn't say that you'd be a great guy! i know that in saudi women get gunned down for revealing a wrist or ankle and you are all for that, but gosh darnit other than that i love you man! let's discuss our differences and i am sure you will find we are both equally moronic! *hug*

morons 14.Oct.2002 00:09

Fuck Imperialism

It's painfully obvious that the comment from "achmed" was done up by some stupid white kid and not some crazy muslim militant. c'mon you guys you can't be that gullible.

I think the billboard spray was awesome. I'm sure the new yorkers that got blasted into vapour wouldn't have wanted their countries leaders to use their death in vain in order to crush civil liberties and wage war everywhere in the world.

Plus tell me this: The american government says "God bless america" meanwhile crazy islamic militants are saying "God is great" so WHICH SIDE IS GOD ON?

When American pilots dump bombs all over Iraq or wherever will god still 'bless' america?

We're So Civilized 14.Oct.2002 00:35

Flea Brained Fascist

It should have been painted in the blood of the communists!

Death to un-patriotic scum!
Death to the muslims!
Death to ...er, every nation that doesn't submit!
Death to all but us Christians!
Death to all but us Republicans!
Death to all but us white men!
Death to nature!
Death to reason!
Death to vegetables!
Death to drug users!
Death to women's rights!

Long live capitalism!
Long live america!
Long live bush!

The people we starve give their lives to Jesus and live forever in paradise as their wage slavery and taxes give us money to buy daisy cutters, fuel-air bombs, land mines, and tyrants, so that we may force our peaceful civilization on the uncivilized world!

Long live the courageous american agents that infiltrate the heathens and ensure that tyrants like Hussein torture and murder all who attempt democratic and socialist resistance to our peaceful civilization's commands (until it's no longer convenient)

Long live the imperial empire!

Apologist for Flea Brained Fascist 14.Oct.2002 00:58

back in yo face

Flea Brained Fascist: death to all but us Christians!

Tom McDemocrat: oh come on you don't mean that, they're nice just like you're nice. Well, at least the rich ones are.

Flea Brained Fascist: Death to ...er, every nation that doesn't submit!

Tom McDemocrat: i agree! see i knew you were nice

Flea Brained Fascist: Death to all but us Republicans!

Tom McDemocrat: gosh darnit, if only you didn't say that you'd be a great guy!

i know that your trying to bring about a global tyranny that will fulfill Hitler's sickest and wettest dreams, but gosh darnit other than that i love you man! let's discuss our differences and i am sure you will find we are both equally greedy and despicable! *hug* <<*gasp* *weaze: hey, I can't breath*>>

The truth hurts 14.Oct.2002 04:15

British citizen

In my opinion the American government is aiming to rule the world,naturally I am shitting myself at the prospect of the world being controlled by a maniac like Bush. You expect me to get pissed off when someone attacks your county? Fuck off. I know what to do with your government. "Take that pile of bricks, move it across the yard, then move them back to where they were, then back again, and again, and again." You get no sympathy from me!!! YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE!

Gotta admit. 14.Oct.2002 05:05


On that day we weren't too blessed, were we?

God Bless America 14.Oct.2002 05:18

what does that mean?

I mean, when I was forced as a kid to go to boring baseball games (corporate palaver), and heard the song, I thought "All right, that's cool, it means something like: how nice, God blesses America... my home sweet home, etc nice nice."

Well, here in this original billboard it seems to take suggest that we can WILL God to bless America. Like, sure, we weren't too blessed with that initial attack, but dammit (oops) we can REMIND ourselves that we are blessed, that we have manifest destiny, divine fiat, and all that tripe that we were raised on.

I am sure too that there is a probably subconscious inward motivation here for the speaker to remind God too of this arrangement, an insistence that S(He) bless us (as we take on this war no doubt). Doesn't that seem silly?

I mean, you can wish it if you must, but if you can make it happen, that God Blesses America, just by saying it, then doesn't that make you God?
Where's your fucking humility?


PS The Achmed guy was obviously a spoof. How embarassing that you fell for it. That's okay, though.

Hilarious--but bad tactic 14.Oct.2002 06:10

Stacy M

Yes, the billboard is a hilarious and is an apt criticism of the pseudo-religious worshiping of 911. I laughed aloud, but then took pause when I really thought about its impact on people.

If we are really looking for ways to build a large anti-war movement, we should keep messages like this to a minimum. It will alienate mainstream people who are beginning to question the war. We need more people to join in actively opposing what is taking place in the marble halls of Washington DC. We need as many people as we can get. Otherwise, the politicians will turn a deaf ear.

I know that appealing to the mainstream seems unpalatable at times, but this is what needs to be done. Millions of lives are at stake all across the globe.

great billboard 14.Oct.2002 14:23

in nyc and pissed at the government

Now that's what I call cool.
It sucks that anyone would pay to put up a billboard that basically says 'god bless our greedy america' with a tribute to the victims of 9/11. it's almost as sick as the fuckin government telling us to 'GO SHOPPING' after the shit went down. Fuck them. How dare they?

I'm going to puke 14.Oct.2002 14:58


I can't believe the comments I am reading on an Indymedia website re: the billboard in OR. Stickers and stencils saying the same thing have been all over Buffalo for months now. It doen't disrespect the people who died on 9-11....it states the true $tate of AmeriKKKa today. Brainless assholes perpetuate the idiocy that plagues our nation. I am NOT PROUD to be an american...OR HUMAN for that matter...GET EDUCATED!!!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES AND STOP SUBMITTING!!!! Doesn't your ass hurt enough?

I'm going to puke 14.Oct.2002 15:01


I can't believe the comments I am reading on an Indymedia website re: the billboard in OR. Stickers and stencils saying the same thing have been all over Buffalo for months now. It doen't disrespect the people who died on 9-11....it states the true $tate of AmeriKKKa today and HISTORICALLY. Brainless assholes perpetuate the idiocy that plagues our nation. I am NOT PROUD to be an american...OR HUMAN for that matter...GET EDUCATED!!!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES AND STOP SUBMITTING!!!! Doesn't your ass hurt enough?

poor spelling 14.Oct.2002 15:55

green warbler

is it me or does anyone else notice that all of the violent, negative comments (goat, nemesis, etc.) are full of grammatical and spelling errors. if only these folks would turn that energy into something positive. let's try and keep the violence off the site in times of differences of opinion.

Spot On ! 14.Oct.2002 18:43


If you can't beat 'm...use their tools.
In memory of all those killed by terror (i.e. children of iraq killed by cancer thx to the uranium bombshells and the refusal of medical help by the western world)

Response to Stacy 14.Oct.2002 19:55

Evan Evstorm2@aol.com


this is exactly the kind of action the movement needs.I am an activist in NYC. I ahve been to 5 + peace rallies in the past year, and none of them have gotten any mainstream media attention. The point is this: we cannot appeal to the mainstream if we cannot reach them. this message tells Joe and Jane Average that all is not well in their country. will it alienate some? yes. but it will get more people thinking than the 6 o'clock news will. The mainstream, "accepted" forms of communication are held in the hands of those whose actions and beliefs we reject. Try paying for a legitimate TV ad that'll say that. If you were Jane Average and wanted to pay for a GOd Bless America TV spot but couldnt pay for it, you'd get sponsors gallore. we activists, though? zilch. we have to make do with what we've got and reach whoever we can. We have to stop this war, and we really havent all too much time.

re: poor spelling 14.Oct.2002 20:07

I'm not an expert proofreader, but...

It's not just the negative comments on this site that have spelling and grammatical errors...

Please people -- proof your messages before you post. You'll be doing yourselves (and the rest of us) a favor. I don't mean to harp on petty details, but your ideas and comments do lose some credibility when they are full of typos and glaringly incorrect grammar.

Does &quot;God-less&quot; = Evil? 14.Oct.2002 22:17

a peace-loving agnostic

First let me say that I admire the intent of this person. I am very much opposed to Bush's new proposed war, and I loathe the way he has cynically used people's emotions about the events of September 11 to further his agenda. Dissent is much needed now, and hey, I'm all for "liberating" billboards as a method protest.

That said, I need to take issue with the term "Bush's God-less America." A recent survey found that an estimated 30% of people in this country do not affiliate themselves with a religion, and I'm betting that most of them are ethical, peace-loving people -- more so than Bush, who claims to be a devout Christian (and is not above using God's name to his political advantage). Using the term "God-less" to describe the Bush administration's war-mongering and greed unfairly gives atheists, agnostics, and other non-religious people a bad name.

I doubt this was intentional. (I realize there is only so much you can do with a billboard that reads "God Bless America"). To be sure, the original billboard is objectionable for more reasons that I can detail here. I just want point out that it is wrong to assume that those of us who lack a belief in God also lack morals, ethics, and a value for life. I assure you we do value life, especially since we tend to believe that this is the only one we've got.

to the one's who dissapprove 15.Oct.2002 06:05

socokid socokid@hotmail.com

Wow, why is it that the ones who disapprove are the ones spouting how they are going to "hurt" and "destroy" the perpetrators. That's EXACTLY the sentiment that is unacceptable or wanted. If you abhor dissent, then move to China. Action, ANY action should be applauded.

Here here to the billboard RE-writers.

It was NOT a response to the many Americans that were killed, it was a response to the Bush admin that facilitated it's occurrence. Put your Bush fan club paper down and ingest some real news. And no, you won't find it on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC or CNN, sorry.

Activism shows a healthy democracy. It's about time people started ACTING upon the atrocities of our current administration. DO NOT STOP NOW!!!

This is only the beginning...


To Evan 15.Oct.2002 06:21

Stacy M


Ah yes, but what kind of attention do you want? You can get a lot of attention through generating loud negative messages. The media loves that sort of thing. But this will continue to alienate so many people, that those who wish to be involved will remain a tiny minority. If we remain a tiny minority, we will achieve little.

The billboard will say to some "YOU are a godless person with only an interest in money." When folks read the word "America" they frequently include themselves. I don't include myself and you probably don't either. However, what about the people passing by that billboard who might have responded supportively if some other message had been used?

I participated in one of the anti-globo marches in DC this September. Someone decided to burn a couple of American flags in Faragut Square. Nearly all of the available media ran to the center of the square to film the event. It certainly generated media attention, but in this atmosphere of hyped-up patriotism, how much harm did it do? The media was already talking about the march. CNN was there. Was burning a flag really necessary?

There were only several thousand people at the DC march. That's a really small showing for a national march. I remember the marches I attended in the early 90's for queer rights and abortion rights. It was nothing to have hundreds of thousands of people show up. Those marches tended to resort to more mainstream approaches and they got a fair amount of media attention just from sheer size.

The anti-globalization movement has gotten lots of media attention—most of it negative. This has been going on for several years now. So, when do more people start participating?

Sure, negative media attention lets people know that we exist, but people are already aware of our existence. (If you don't believe that, consider how many police showed up in DC. It affected the whole city. I overheard restaurant goers complaining about it in Dupont Circle.) What I'm asking is: when and how do we move to the next step?

If we don't think more carefully about the kind of messages we are getting out to the public, we're going to lose the opportunity to have an impact. We could reach out to so many people with these concerns. A lot of people are upset about the coming invasion of Iraq. The lives of everyone on this planet are being cheapened and destroyed by corporate greed and shortsightedness. There's a growing awareness of that. Let's not squander the potential we have.

War stinks 15.Oct.2002 10:34


I wonder why some people seem to have nothing better to do than write threatening comments ("bad things WILL happen...") about people who DARE to disagree with our government.
Where exactly do you think you live? In MY country, we have guarantees like free speech and freedom of religion. In the country I live in, people are allowed to disagree with each other, without worrying about Homeland Security or the FBI coming to "ask you a few questions".
I don't want a war with Iraq. I was a Marine during the last Gulf War and don't care to repeat the experience. When our own president says that a bill to give disabled veterans some more compensation is "too expensive" (look it up!) , yet wants to use US troops to fight a war, it makes me sick. The ones who fight these wars are not trash to be used and discarded. Apparently, if veterans "cost too much", we should cut their benefits instead of some pork barrel program that helps Mr. Bush's business allies.
If you oppose this war, I suggest that you keep on protesting it. Public opinion CAN be changed.
If you are so fired up about fighting Iraq and terrorists, might I suggest the Army or Marines? I doubt most of the hawks out there have the courage of their own convictions if it means their life (or their children's lives) could be the one wasted in a war for oil and political influence in the Middle East.

9/11 families for peace 15.Oct.2002 14:32



try not to speak for them --- it really is in very bad taste. -- all you war mongers who object to defacing a billboard of cheap setiment.

subvertising rules 16.Oct.2002 05:30


Adbusting and subvertising are a perfectly rebellious act of dissent, to use the enemies tools to our own means, its fun and it makes a massive impact and informs a large amount of people about our ideas.

Adbusting is a prerequisite for any change

everyone should adbust

think with an open mind 16.Oct.2002 08:18

Ali Hajaabi

The events of 9/11 were a tragic event for the world, to try and make them an american product for the purposes of war is testament to the sad truth that those lives are not being honored but used to support a war that will only kill more innocent people.
what we need is dialogue, intellect and understanding
to try and teach those of who support this war some history would take too long here, i suggest you all pick up Howard Zinn's, People's History of the United States

Cool propaganda 16.Oct.2002 13:28


Future Billboards...

Next Billboard (this fall)--Punch out electronic polls if they don't allow you write-in votes!

After that--Ralph Nader for president, 2004.

Keep It Liberal!

great billboard and keep dissenting 16.Oct.2002 13:44

norulers Kidusa55@hotmail.com

a peace loving agnostic stated "Using the term 'God-less' to describe the Bush administration's war- mogering and greed unfairly gives atheist, agnostics, and other non religious people a bad name. ... I just want to point out that it is wrong to assume that those of us who lack a belief in God also lack morals, ethics, and a value for life."

This is a well thought out critique of the billboard but not an absolute truth. God means differant things to differant people as does God less. In this instance God - less doesn't denote atheist nor agnostics rather, it conjure images of (at least in my mind) profit over over humanity, the dark seedy side of a political hidden agenda all fluffed up and sugar coated for "manurefacturing consent " to be unleached on the unsuspecting population. That is to say "Bush's God - le$$ America" is appropriate and timely. This clearly imlies Bush is not concerned for the well being of any people ,here or abroad, only money. My hunch is only a very few would think it refers to agnostics / atheist. Critiquing the impact of direct actions is a vital component of activism for your effort and thought i am greatful.

I am very thrilled to see activist taking direct action in this manner. I think it was very creative, commical, and couragous to say the least. Keep up the good work.

It is good to see that the brainwashed, patriotic, right wingers are coming in the IMC as one day they might figure out that they are defending thier enemy.

Clear Channel 16.Oct.2002 14:29

Barber Blvd resident

We need to all work together to change the Clear Channel Communication message.

Clear Channel Communication, the corporation who owns this billboard sent out a order to all its radio stations immediatly after 9-11 telling them what songs it was allowed to play and what was deemed "anti-amerikkkan." The list contained banal songs such as "Imagine" by the Beatles.

This corportion puts ups its mind pollution and brainwashes the burger eaters. It is an insult that they would now peddle death. Welcome to the new order. In Portland we ain't buying it. Expect to see a Krylon revolution.

the new war will make the old one look tiny 16.Oct.2002 15:24


Apparently, there will be more Iraqis killed in one day in the new war, then MOST killed during the whole Persian Gulf ( although no one knows excactly how many were killed in P.G I, military or civilian). Maybe this is just our activist propaganda spewing out apologetics for Uncle Saddam, but even if there's a shred of truth to it, I feel like throwing up when I think of what's in store for Iraq. And yes, I'm speaking as if it's a definite thing. This shit hasn't been stopped in your whole history, and next spring will be no different. How do you ensure more terrorism is wrought upon your country? Pre-emptively attack a country that would automatically be anihilated if it dared attack you. Oh yeah, the fact that its' majority Muslim might help too.

beautiful 16.Oct.2002 17:53

jen jennifaery@yahoo.com

is it just me, or are all the ignorant and negative reactions to this billboard horribly misspelled and missing important words? If you're going to be an asshole, it might help to have good grammar if you really want people to listen to what you have to say. Wait for Tallahassee, Florida everyone. We'll have something within the week for supporters of Bush the Illegitimate (Village Idiot) to angrily respond to.

GOD DAMN AMERICA 17.Oct.2002 03:07


The only problem with this billboard is the fact that it ain't George Bush who is the enemy, contrary to what all you "patriotic" protestors believe.

It is your American Empire itself which is the enemy. And it is the USA in general--and ultimately the American people--who are godless to the core.

George Bush himself is nothing more than a fall guy or scapegoat, which all of idiot white Liberals focus your obsessive hatred towards--all in order to avoid facing the fact that it is the twisted American nation itself that deserves to be hated.

You Americans need to look in the fucking mirror if you want to find the true Evil-Doers on this planet.

Take your fucking flags, your patrotic songs, and your self-deluding lies about yourself--and shove them up your ass.

You American cocksuckers should do the rest of the world a favor, and hurry up and destroy yourselves.

Good bye. And Good riddance.


smash mass media 19.Oct.2002 06:32


when the writing's on the wall, the kingdom is about to fall, the peoples voice shall speak the truth, and the tyranny will be revealed to all.

kill all americans 20.Oct.2002 15:56

unwilling american Bittersweet1@attbi.com

This is in response to the people posting messages implying all americans are eviel i.e. FREE AZTLAN and British citizen. I did not choose to be born in america, no one chose to be born in America, no one chose to be born in the country they ended up in. If you made a consience decision before you were born that you didn't want to be an american, you are quite a remarkable person, and I proably shouldn't be questioning your highly evolved soul, but my guess is your just a regular human, like all of us. I probably agree with you about alot of things in america. First off our foreign policy is disgusting. Second we are unbelivably wasteful. Third we have a very ugly accent! I try hard to be a good person, to stand up for my political and moral beliefs and to not be the stereotypical "ugly american." I fall into the pit holes of this society sometimes, as we all do, unfortunetly. I know alot of Americans who are trying to make their country a better place, and I don't think them, or their SUV-driving counterparts, all deserve to die, and if some of them do I don't think it's our place to tell them to kill themselves. I don't think you should be expressing such murderous opinions unless you really are willing to come over here and kill me (a 16 year old girl, with parents, friends, and a pet dog, who feels lonley, excitied, scared, stupid, happy, horny, angry just like anyone) yourself, and if you are willing to slaughter me maybe you should rexamine what you consider "eviel" Please respond, I would like to hear your what you think of this.

easy.............. 21.Oct.2002 04:53

baz Bazerk@xtra.co.nz

no one is threatening you or your country, as your govt. would have you believe, but your federal govt. is committing atrocious acts of evil all around the world, in the name of "your" freedom, and "your" equality, and "your" fraternity. if you are aware of what "your" govt. is doing, and you think it is wrong, why dont you and your dog, and parents, and friends stop them from doing it. get out and protest, march in the streets, start an antiwar campaign, or you can stay home and be afraid (which is what your govt=sniper wants) and let them carry on killing innocent men, women and children in "your" name. we cannot do much from here, so its up to you to stop them. nobody hates americans for being born in america, but if you support the federal govt., you are an accomplice to the murder of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. peace.

was I unclear? 21.Oct.2002 23:00

unwilling american

I have been protesting. I have been marching. I have been writing letters. Some of my family and friends have to. I've tried to get the ones that haven't to also participate. I'm not afraid of getting attacked. I'm very sorry I haven't overthrown the government by age 16. I don't support my government. And if my comment was taken as trying to stand up for my government, I guess I wasn't too good at getting my real point across. I agree with alot of what you said, Baz, except that nobody hates americans just for being americans. Two people here made it very clear they did, and my message was directed at them, and not at most people on this site, who I'm sure know better than to hate somebody just because of the country they live in. I hope this clears things up. :)

good discourse 24.Oct.2002 00:58


It is good to see intelligent discourse over these issues which affect us and our world. We keep our minds strong and loosen the grip society may have in keeping us ignorant over what has been done by the U.S. military over the years without our (U.S. citizens) knowledge or consent. Our gvmnt decide to stop broadcasting war reports after Vietnam because of the overwhelming protest against that atrocity. They say it is because we don't want our "enemies" to know our war plans. Since then many military strikes have taken place and we never even hear anything except what the corporate media tells us, which is mostly propaganda. It is no wonder America was attacked on 9/11! We the people are the government right? If we do not stop our gvmnt from destroying other countries, we are responsible for it on some level. That is quickly changing now though, as our constitution is being eroded away and soon this country will become an empire. The only thing that can defeat this terrible occurance is resistence, revolt, revolution if necessary. Either that, or a terrible world will follow, one dreamt of by those like Hilter and worse. So stand up and do whatever is necessary to fight for what's left of this fading democracy!!!!

No more silence 24.Oct.2002 14:30

Anna moonstone_72@hotmail.com

It's good to know people still want to have the right to express themselves - don't be silent

Dumb...... 08.Jan.2003 18:17


Thats realy stupid and disrespectful. I mean if you hate bush then exspress it some other way instead of defacing a public momorial of sep11. I'm really dissapointed in some people these days

to the clueless a-holes and the goat 23.Sep.2004 10:16


Nobody served,armed Bin-Lauden as per Reagan-Bush sr.was asked again to stop interfering in the politics in the middle-east and still we ars clueless at the new cost of 1000+,back when we armed we also recieved losses as refered to now as a MINOR incident 251 marines is no fucking MINOR anything.To the GOAT a bunker buster and smart bombs could level the local home depot in full and you state an inocent will not be in a target area of 1/2mile hole in the ground THINK AGAIN PUTZ where were you in 82 shit head i was LRR MARINE you know the touched and the ones who still enjoy a mans last breath to bad most of us are DEAD by AGENT ORANGE we never[sick]dropped on our own people and only when they were dead we said sorry but-fuck yourself your a usless VETERAN-now we arm Taiwan against China wishes,we sell bunker busters and smart bombs to the Israelies,so much for being a palistian or should i put in a way morons can grasp the palastinins have no arms exept people,Goat you would scream and duck for cover if we were ever invaded as per your own slop,listen up so you don't miss the important message here-GEORGE BUSH IS THE ONLY ACTIVE WMD ON THE PLANET. enjoy your holocost you made it now live it goat dung.Just to check your facts were i live has the highest amount of republicans in the state it also has the highest DUI rate get the point you gutless wounders!!!