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forest defense

More about stumpqua protests

rally in Eugene, rally in Portland and a tree-sit in Ashland
In ashland apparently there was a tree-sit in the parking lot of the upqua bank. and in Portland activists rallied outside and told costumers of the horrible acts of allyn ford. A few costumers said they would consider closing there account.

Is Centennial Bank, Umqua? 09.Oct.2002 22:09


Someone said that Centennial Banks in Portland are now actually part of Umqua Bank, does anyone know?

Sure! 09.Oct.2002 22:30


"A few costumers said they would consider closing there account."

Sure they did. I bet they would say anything just so they could get away from nasty ass hippies that reeked of body odor, patchouli oil, cheap wine and pot...

Are the Bank Visits Ongoing? 09.Oct.2002 22:56

Early Withdrawl

Are these bank visits set? or continuous?

Re: Is Centennial Bank, Umqua? 09.Oct.2002 23:16

goatlove pdximc@khephera.net

One of the tellers informed me that Umpqua is in the process of acquiring all Centennial Bank branches in Portland (and perhaps elsewhere).

Centennial 10.Oct.2002 09:16

Allyn Bored

yes, Umpqua Bank acquired all Centennial Banks a couple months ago which makes Umpqua Bank THE largest bank in Oregon now. The up-side of this news is that soon there will be WAY more bank branches to protest at and set up tree-sits at. There are Centennial Banks is several towns/cities in Oregon including Portland and Cottage Grove.
Hey, anyone remeber what happened to the Umpqua Bank in Eugene during the June 18, 1999 "riot"???? smashy smashy.

Umqua Bank 11.Sep.2004 22:48

H hgirle@hgirle.com

what bank other than Umqua has served your needs so readily? Be careful who you cast judgement upon. They are truly trying to meet your needs. Why protest? Think about it first. You could have a bank that doesn't give a sh*t about you, but they actually DO!! I would go with Umpqua before some of the national chains....wouldn't you?