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Strategy for dealing with Indymedia spammers

Strategy for dealing with right wing spammers that are turning intelligent discussions and debates into juvenile pissing wars. The continued success and reputation of Indymedia requires some sort of constructive response.
Can we please refrain from entering into puerile arguments with spammers such as "Lamet Vali" and "Bushlover." Much as we all appreciate an open forum for airing our views, these diatribes detract from Indymedia's very purpose. The site is becoming increasingly boring, juvenile and downright embarrasing. My suggestion is that no one responds to the right wing spammers who, rather than fostering intelligent debate, only seek to incite and misdirect our passions with idiocy. Ignore them and hopefully they'll go away. These endless pissing wars must stop for the good of the site and the movement. Let's keep Indymedia an example of why alternative news sources are needed now more than ever.
The facts, just the facts, only the facts 09.Oct.2002 20:31

Bush admirer

I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but the only facts you're going to get on Indymedia.org are going to come from Bush Admirer and a few other patriots who post here.

The party line here, comrade, is pretty much treasonous bullshit. If you're signed up for that, then you're a fool.

Right on! 09.Oct.2002 20:35


Agree 100%. Let's just ignore them and make the site interesting again.

Right on! (part 2) 09.Oct.2002 20:46


I want to clarify that when I sent in my previous response, "Bushlover's" wasn't yet posted. Obviously I wasn't agreeing with "Bushlover," and in the spirit of the original post, I'm not going to respond to "Bushlover."

Would you stop posting this bullshit? 09.Oct.2002 20:54

It's bad enough what they do-

I don't know if you are the same person who keeps wanting to post stupid articles about spammers and call for censorship and claiming it is already happening, but it is really fucking annoying! Not only does it move the important news off the fucking newswire just like lament and bushie do, but it grates on my nerves. This is not interesting. At least I can laugh at what they post, but this is just an annoying whining drone calling more attention than they deserve to their posts. This almost seems to be their handy work, you know? Who ever you are, please fuck off!

Who are you? The split face of cointelpro? 09.Oct.2002 21:13

It's bad enough what they do-

Look, I am sorry for my last post. It was a knee jerk reaction.

When these posts are on the screen (there seems to be 3 or 4 of them a day) they knock off more important content. I am interested in what the ILWU is doing, the Taco BEll protests, the police violence issue, the war cry we are trying to defeat, the peace rallies, public utilities, the slaughter of our wildlife, the cutting of the old growth forests, Ecuador, and the list goes on and on. When you post these comments you are saying one thing and acting entirely different. We have already debated this issue at length, several times a day. We do not want to implement censorship and we do want to be able to respond when and if we deem it necessary. Most folks agree with this. While you say you do not agree in bold faced posting you are agreeing with us in actions. You are responding over and over to the situation. I want to be able to review news articles I missed reading, not this whining. If you don't like what they are doing get creative. Post art work or genuine articles, join a discussion group, organize, or look for outside media sources. There are plenty of things you could address. This is not a genuine action or even interesting anymore.

I just want to know who do you work for? Yourself? Or is this the same work of shrub admirror and lament silli?

Let your actions bespeak your words, please!

Consolidate? 09.Oct.2002 21:52

Rough Idea

How about a compilation of post links for relavent, substantive articles, at the bottom of the Feature section; maybe called "Other News". Maybe give it 10 or 20 spots, or whatever is required, and simply post tiles, WITH AUTHORS, in this area, for articles which roll off the wire.

I would also like to re-suggest the CORPORATE FILTER button, to allow users to activate a garbage strainer, should thay so desire. At least one user liked the idea. What do the rest think?

To "It's bad enough... 09.Oct.2002 21:57


I've never posted an article like this (or any other) before. But what I've been finding lately is that nearly every time I read an article the comments quickly degenerate into infantile name calling back and forth. It's not creative, and it's not informative. It's an utter waste of very valuable space.

I apologize for beating a dead horse if others have been making the same requests to stick to the issues. Obviously their calls have gone unheeded. I'm not proposing any sort of censorship. What I'm asking is that WE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP INDYMEDIA don't waste valuable resources (our own and Indymedia's) engaging in these ridiculous pissing wars. I'm trying not to whine. If you want to ignore me, that's your right, but this site is degenerating into irrelevancy. Let's take it back.

This site continues to grow and gain force 09.Oct.2002 22:40

It's bad enough...

Why don't you try to celebrate that this site is growing and continuing to grow? I don't believe filters are the right approach at this time. Once the censorship process starts it rarely stops. I wonder what Tipper is working on now? I understand your frusteration and there have been times I have cried from what Lamet Vali has said (crying is healthy) but there have been times I cried from laughing so hard from peoples responses to them. Make this site relevant. Make it yours. News can be devastating. It seems difficult to process the very information we are uncovering but when we get abused as they do to us, I can understand your sentiment. However, not responding implies compliance. If we did not respond to the war effort, the free trade effort, the slaughter of all that is wild and free, then we would be suggesting compliance with these events. Let those who choose to respond act as they deem best. If you want you could focus on what is important to you about this site. But celebrate how far and wide this site is going. Celebrate how quickly the news is pouring in at this site! Celebrate the efforts we are making! Yeah Ecuador! Look how far they have gone, they have representatives in office! Now they have computers! Yeah Indymedia! Trolls can't stop us but the tides of censorship can.

Amen Truthseeker! 09.Oct.2002 22:42

Bush Admirer

>>What I'm asking is that WE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP INDYMEDIA don't waste valuable resources (our own and Indymedia's) engaging in these ridiculous pissing wars.

Thanks for posting that Truthseeker. Some of these posts are ridiculous.

update 09.Oct.2002 23:39

indy contributor

we are discussing various ideas at the moment. . .it is likely we will implement some sort of new editorial guidelines regarding spam.

i personally envision such a policy as empowering editorial people to hide obvious 'spam' comments. . .this does not mean that they will always be hidden. . .if the noise level is fairly low, then they might just stay there, but if as recently the noise level gets to where it is disrupting the flow and focus of the site, then some action can be taken. . .this is my suggestion

this provides a give and take, so that if the posters/readers decide the best policy is to not respond, and that works to keep noise down and the site focused, then that is great and the newswire can be left alone. . .we all would like to leave the newswire alone as much as possible, both aesthetically as a policy, and practically since it is not very much fun to spend time hiding posts.

there is always going to be some noise, and that is fine. . .it is not possible or desireable to have a spiffy clean wire (ewww). . .however, it is also not desireable to have the noise overtake the essential purpose of the site.

any such efforts will be an ongoing experiment and open to the communities comments, concerns, criticisms, etc. . .if a new editorial guideline is established to hide spam that will always remain subject to change. . . this site is an activist communication, education and organizing tool, and its effectiveness is the primary concern

comments and ideas can be mailed to:


RightWing Comedy En Route to Revolution... 10.Oct.2002 00:44

Sheriff Truman

I quarrel with none. I just want to state here that the posts by Trilox, BushWorshipper, and Lame Veil are fine with me. I am aware of the various ways in which responding to them can break the flow of comments. But I'll tell you, the first time I visited this site, Lame Veil's comments sent me into peals of laughter, and I have enjoyed them ever since. It's not as if anyone visiting for the first time is going to leave thinking that Portland IMC is a rightwing site. Take BushWorshipper : "Bush has the Facts on the ground in Iraq.You don't." Don't tell me that isn't funny. I'm still not over that comment...
I'm not going to push the tide one way or another on this issue. It's all fine with me. I don't respond, but I don't mind when someone else does. There are times when it seems necessary. But I would Underscore this point : Having to negotiate through-and get wise to-Disinformation, unintelligible information, Bullshit, and seemingly ridiculous points of view is probably a worthwhile exercise for us all to engage in. However anyone wants to confront a post or not confront a post, I leave that to discussion.

And besides...I maintain that Bush Admirer is the Ultimate Anarchist Surrealist :
"Bush has the facts on the ground in Iraq.You don't..."
Maybe next up will be Bill O'Reilly Admirer....

here's one idea 10.Oct.2002 08:12


i like will lamet vali's comments--they're hilarious. my only problem is that it bumps other stuff off of the newswire.

here's an idea, not a solution, but a band-aid--make the font on the newswire smaller (like sf's) and make the list longer, so it scrolls to the bottom of the page. you can fit more stuff on it that way.

I agree with truthseeker 10.Oct.2002 08:20


I agree with Truthseeker. He isn't talking about "censorship." He's asking readers to use some discretion in their responses so that the dialogues stay relevant. I also get turned off when the posts degenerate into "this is what Lamet Vali looks like" and "I'm the real Lamet Vali." It's about what's going on in Portland and the world, not some anonymous guys with no life stroking their dicks to get noticed. Why debate if the other party won't seriously consider your positions?

This is me ignoring you... 10.Oct.2002 08:44

Sarcasim King

Dear Bush Admirer,

Tha't right we are going to ignore you, in fact this is me ignoring you... just sitting here not paying any attention to you
I am just writing to tell you that I am not going to respond to your articals anymore
That's right
Ignoring, Ignoring , Ignoring

Still Ignoring, not paying any attention...
Just wanted to write and tell you that I am ignoring you

This is me ignoring you.. 10.Oct.2002 08:52

Lord Sarcaism

That's right,
let's ignore these guys... in fact this is me ignoring you right now.
Just sitting here not responding to your articals...
In fact i am just writing to tell you guys I am not writing any more.
Ju st in case you were wondering I am still ignoring you...
All of you, so there take that

I am going now...now...now
but just remember I will be ignoring you


Bush Lover 10.Oct.2002 16:05



You reactionary bastard stick your anti-worker, right-wing, zionist, capitalist flag up your ass. You are worse than the commies on here, a patriot thinks for the good fo the country and you have nothing but the good of the rich in mind, how is sending our youth to die and leaving the working class to starve "patriotic"? fuck off faggot, I hope you and the communist front pukes on here kill each other, maybe then the working class could stop being manipulated... Get your ass over to Iraq and volunteer, don't volunteer my kinsmen to die in your zionist war for oil. You must be management at McDonald's...