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Dick Armey

Dick Armey -> An intellectual superstar in congress.
Dick Armey is such a super guy. He's got more intellect that most of the Democrats in congress combined. And yet, he's a humble and soft spoken kind of guy.

Dick came out early against the war in Iraq. He's his own man and never follows the party line.

After a confrontive meeting with GW Bush, he agreed to attend classified briefings and learn the details of what the CIA knows. To his credit, he did that, and then he reversed his position. Give him an "A+" for being open minded and for his objectivity.

Dick Armey has now reversed his initial position. He now knows the facts re Iraq, and he's a big enough guy to admit that he was wrong.

That's quite different from most of the regulars on this site, who don't know the facts, and who wouldn't back down anyway.

Liberals are like that (shallow intellectually, and unwilling to face facts that go against their preconceived notions).
Plus..... 09.Oct.2002 19:57

Vagina Navy

....you gotta like the name.

so i guess this makes you a DICK Admirer 10.Oct.2002 09:46


sorry, i couldnt resist.

just in case... 10.Oct.2002 10:16

han solo

in case anyone doesnt realize dick/ bush Admirer is just a parody of the 'ultra-right' and 'ultra-stupid' I must suggest you check out the facts.

It has recently been revealed that The CIA says Suddam is NOT a threat and will NOT use biological or chemical weapons -unless provoked by a US attack.

also, an EX weapons inspector says that Iraq's weapon systems are NOT the threat that the bush admin is suggesting.

and even USA today has printed the story "CIA lacks smoking gun" regarding Iraqs weapons...

there is more than just these 2 stories...
just an FYI who takes the dick Admirer seriously.

Bush Admirer, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster... 10.Oct.2002 17:19


This ignoramus may or may not be a pastiche of various Know-Nothing attitudes. However in this corner of the media spectrum, the point is nearly moot.

Real or fictional, Bush Admirer does an adequate job of representing the views of a vast number of our pacified, mindless, drone-like countrymen. The things he says, smirking or not, are the things they think. In that, he is factual, even if he himself is fraudulent.

...and the size 12 I'm prepared to stick up his ass the second he shows it in public is, I assure you, real enough.