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William Trijillo speaks about FTAA and Ecuador

William Trijillo spoke on wed night at the UU Church. he is a farmer from ecuador and speaks about the effects of "Free Trade" and corpratization and privitization of his country, his people, south america nad the world.

William Trijillo speaks about FTAA and Ecuador
William Trijillo speaks about FTAA and Ecuador
give it another try 09.Oct.2002 20:15


hey comfrey, give it another try. it didn't go up.

I used to be Unitarian 09.Oct.2002 21:25


I am very disgusted with the Unitarian faith. It used to be in the guidelines of the Unitarian faith that you would look out for community (i.e. chalice=community bowl) but the Unitarian faith in Portland is sadly lacking in faith. I called them asking to send out an emergency memorandum speaking out against the police violence at the A-22 protest which resulted in the pepper spraying of an infants. They did not respond to this and have yet to speak out loudly against these perilous attacks against our first admendment rights. (SInce when do you have to be rich enough to hire a babysitter in order for dissent?) WHile the Unitarian seems focused always on what is happening outside of the community they fail over and over to take care of the immediate community in which they live in. I am a fifth generation Unitarian Universalist and it pains my heart to say I will not be attending in this area, and I renounce my faith with them. I will not align myself to hypocrites who failed to speak out against the brutal attack of an innocent. I hope that any Unitarians in this area will continue to speak to their ministers about this huge oversite. But instead I will practice my faith elsewhere and attend meetings to help out. I would believe the Unitarians more if they sent a whole bunch of money to help get rid of Unocal! Instead they host an event and pat themselves on the back for half listening!

Sorry -admendum 10.Oct.2002 02:08


I am angry about the lack of action that is being taken by the uu portland community. I do not renounce my faith, I denounce the portland uu religous leaders for their lack of action. I wonder who's pocket they are picking to remain silent? It goes against the grain of all that UU's hold dear! Some people talk about Catholic guilt but it is nothing compared to UU guilt. Community and social action always come first in the UU faith. It's 2 of the 10 basics of "What is a unitarian universalist?" Speak out against police violence, on A-22 Police pepper sprayed Infants.