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imperialism & war

Senator Byrd: "Can I have more then 10 minutes to debate life or death?!"

the war hawks are beating the drums -- despite repeating lies that were earlier exposed in our own press - these are going ahead with a dangerous bill to preauthorize the war against Iraq.
Senator Byrd, attempting force debate for several more days - askes for more time to debate the resolution allowing the Bush administration to go to war.

He is being muzzled (and your voice as well) by the hawks.

His points:

The bill (which is being mischaracterized by the hawks)- follows up the
latest statement on US force through out the world.
Seeks unilateral authority - "that premptive attacks to forstall or prevent attacks even though an assault is not emminent" (dropping the requirement that the threat be "emminent")

With this bill, that US may engage in war regardless of "emminance" or not - choice being entirely up to the administration - whatever that is at the time.

That means any country may be invaded in any time.
one of the best quotes thus far 09.Oct.2002 16:47

The One True b!X

Heh. The title to the above post is one of the single best Byrd quotes so far in this entire thing. It pretty much sums up the entirety of the frustration with the way the Senate debate is being structured.

Let's Play Follow-the-Leader 09.Oct.2002 19:36


The Germans did.
Let's Play Follow-the-Leader
Let's Play Follow-the-Leader

IN need of info 09.Oct.2002 21:52


To pass such a bill, what is needed? A majority, a super-majority, 2/3rds, super-majority from both house and senete? I have no idea. Congress rules are not my strong suit (but still I write letters)!

Senator Byrd to filibuster if enough support 10.Oct.2002 00:21


Senator Robert Byrd has offered to filibuster the senate vote on war with iraq if he gets enough support from us! Contact his office to let him know you will back his effort to put an end to this insanity!!

Senator Byrd can be reached at:

 senator_byrd@byrd.senate.gov or call his office at 202-224-3954

I hope you will all call and email him. It takes only a few minutes and long distance is free on cell phones! Also do not forget to send an email to all your like-minded friends and ask them to do the same!

um. `no, it's too late for this 10.Oct.2002 07:40

The One True b!X

It's too late for this. The Senate is about to vote on cloture, which will start the final 30 hours of debate before a vote on war. During that 30 hours, under the rules of the Senate, time limits are in place for any Senator who speaks.

Once cloture is approved (and the vote will be in another 20-25 minutes or so), there will be no filibuster, there will be no delay of any kind, merely the final 30 hour countdown.