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Cloture Vote Tomorrow Morning

Vote which will begin the final 30 hours of debate on war scheduled for Thursday AM.
Coming back from a meeting on debate procedures, Senator Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada and Majority Whip, has announced that the vote on cloture will proceed tomorrow morning. Fifteen minutes will be given to each party leader, and fifteen to Senator Byrd.

So, barring something unforeseen, or something Byrd might have remaining in his bag of parliamentary tricks somewhere, for all intents and purposes the final 30 hour countdown on the war resolution debate will begin tomorrow morning.

Leaders on both sides of the aisle are determined to be done with this debate by Friday.
CONTACT SEN. SMITH 09.Oct.2002 16:27

Robin dancerdolphin@excite.com

I suggest that everyone do as I did; contact Senator Gordon Smith, who , as Senator Byrd's staff admits commands a block of 4-7 other "moderate senators", and let him know that we are very disturbered as "VOTERS" (hint,hint, wink.wink) that he is discounting his constituent's request to either represent us with a "NO" vote or support Byrd's filibuster of the War resolution.
OH, as a sidenote, I am being attacked by the JTTF with disruption to my banking accounts and ping attacks to attempt to stop or disrupt my posts.......... Will it stop me? NO! And I applaud all my borthers and sisters that stand up and say "NO" to the war machine......

Urm... 09.Oct.2002 16:50

The One True b!X

Somehow, I would tend to think that the JTTF has better things to do than engage in ping attacks against Indymedia posters.

Cloture hard to get (usually) 09.Oct.2002 16:54


But they have to get a three-fifths majority (60 or over) to invoke it, right? Maybe enough Senators belieive in the power of a good long debate and won't want to silence anyone... Maybe it would be a good time to call ALL our delegates and tell them to VOTE NO ON CLOTURE?

60 Votes for Cloture ? 09.Oct.2002 17:06


I am under the impression that they need 60 votes for cloture tomorrow. If they don't get 60 then they can't impose a time restriction on the debate. Is this correct ? (If so, More PhoneCalls...)Someone let know...
I've heard strong backing today for Byrd from the Senate floor : Kennedy,Sarbanes, Levin, Boxer, Kerry(sort-of), Dodd, and Biden appear to be with us. I thought Biden was with the hawks, but he Kicked Ass today...
Sarbanes, and Byrd are cleaning clocks.
Someone post up with reference to cloture Votes...

You should actually listen to the debate 09.Oct.2002 19:28

Bush Admirer

If you've actually been listening to the debate in congress, as I have, it should be fully apparent that the intellectual depth is on the Republican side if the aisle. The lightweights, like Sheila Jackson Lee, are on the left. However, there are a few exceptions, like Republican embarrassment Ron Paul.

what happens after cloture? 09.Oct.2002 20:09

The One True b!X

The relevant section of the rules of the Senate which govern what happens once cloture is approved tomorrow morning (presuming it is), and the Senate proceeds with a final 30 hours of debate before a vote on final passage:


In essence, then, and the crucial point for us at this point in time, is that the 30-hour rule is pretty much set in stone. To bring it into sharp relief in terms of Senator Byrd, he gets no more than hour of his own. Extra time can be yielded to him by other Senators via either the Majority or Minority Leaders, but still no more than two hours.

So, in the end, the actual vote on cloture is the last chance there is to stall the debate at all. Once cloture is achieved, it's merely a matter of running out the clock until the final vote.