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Senate Opposition to Rash Iraq Attack

Take a look at who opposes pre-emptive pResidential authority on Iraq attack.
The Senate looks like bizzaro-Senate as, (ehem), Democrats like Joe Lieberman, pound the war drum with fanatic furor, while non-Dems stand in eloquent opposition. Here are a couple of examples:

Senator Chuck Hagel- elected to the United States Senate from Nebraska in 1996.
George Will called Hagel "a rising star in the Republican Party."

(Maybe George Will is more observant than he seems.)

Also, Senator James Merrill Jeffords. Take a look at his statement in opposition to Shrubya's demands. (This guy sets the standard for integrity in politics.)


This is clear evidence that SOME of our representatives CAN think for themselves, and unlike our own, testicle-free, Gordon Smith, are willing to demonstrate their leadership, and show courageous support for their constituants.

Why not give these fellow stinkin' hippies a call and show some support?

Senator Chuck Hagel
(202) 224-4224

James Jeffords
(202) 224-5141