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AUDIO FILE: Not In Our Name, Part 2

This audio file, about 32 minutes, takes place after the March, at Terry Schrunk Plaza.
From witness accounts, the parade of peace marchers took 35-40 minutes to finish leaving the site of the original Rally, and, after winding through Portland from SW Park and Salmon to Terry Schrunk Plaza, continued filing into the site of the second Rally for 30 minutes into the scheduled speakers.
Speakers include, former U.S. Representative Elizebeth Furse; Dan Handelman of Peace and Justice Works; Alan Graf, Hippie Lawyer; a speaker from the Muslim community; a speaker recently returned from Israel, speaking for peace between Israel and Palestine; and, last but not least, Josh from a local Middle School, speaking for education, not more weapons of war.

The link provided takes you to a page where this and other audio files are located.

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