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Sustainable Living Conference at Evergreen State College OCT 15-18

Sustainable Living Conference at Evergreen State College OCT 15-18 Brings together different parts of the movement towards survival

The 2nd annual Sustainable Living Conference: Restoring the Village At The Evergreen State College October 15-18.

Beginning Tuesday evening with opening ceremonies followed by three full days of workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. Topics will include soil fertility, bio-diesel, growing bamboo in the Northwest, natural building, permaculture, urban design, appropriate technology, restoration/ conservation/ preservation, human relationships to the land, culture and peace, and much, much more.

The evenings will have keynote speakers Sharif Abdullah - Author of The Power of One: Authentic Leadership In Turbulent Times and Creating A World That Works For All, Richard Register - Author of ECOCITIES, and EcoCity Berkley, and Anna Edey - Author of Solviva. For more info contact Students at Evergreen for Ecological Design (SEED) (360) 867-6493 or tescseed@yahoo.com. This event is FREE!!!

phone: phone: (360) 867-6493

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