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race riots erupt in southeastern high schools

demonstrations and race riots erupt at high school, pepper spray, students arrested, principal collapses, high unemployment, NAFTA job layoffs...
Race riots erupt in North Carolina high schools

At Purnell Swett High School, which is located in Pembroke, North Carolina, race riots involving hundreds of students erupted Monday and Wednesday this week. Many students were suspended and arrested. Also on Wednesday the priniciple, Mr. Revels, had a heart attack during the fights. Pepper spray was used to break up the riots. Some students said the fights were mainly between blacks and native americans. Pembroke is also home to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (plenty of racial tension there too). High unemployment has hit here since NAFTA caused textile jobs to move out of the United States. Robeson County is now mainly agriculture with Campbell's Soup Company and Mountaire Farms (chicken processing plant) being the main employers along with the city, county, and state.
I-95 corrider, which runs by here from Florida, acts as a major thoroughfare for drug trafficking, mainly heroin and cocaine. Since the Robeson and Hoke County School systems have come under fire by the courts for not providing an adequate education for all low income students, the local schools here have been put under the underfinanced microscope recently. Also, there is heavy pesticide spraying by local farmers and an intensive West Nile Virus spray campaign underway by municipalities. Breath deep, right? Robeson County is approximately 25% caucasian, 25% african-american, 25% lumbee indian, and 25% hispanic.
The Lumbee Indian tribe has been seeking official federal recognition as a native american tribe for a long time, but is still denied. Fort Bragg military base is within 30 miles of here (providing MANY low flying airplane encounters), and the groundwater is heavily polluted. There are plenty of credible science studies linking pesticides, chemicals, and aggression. When will government wise up?
So getting back to Purnell Swett High School, there is a long history of violence here. Robeson County is North Carolina's dirty little secret which the status quo will continue to ignore as long as they are allowed. Will candidates for the United States Senate, Elizabeth Dole and Erskine Bowles, mention Robeson County if they have a serious debate? I doubt it. Pembroke (It used to be called Scuffletown) is ground zero for the weirdness in Robeson County. Rember the E. Coli and toxic mold outbreak at Prospect Elementary School in the fall of 2001? Prospect is less than 10 miles from Pembroke, and with all of the hog, turkey, and chicken open-cage transfer trucks blowing through here, it's no wonder prostitutes looking for their next crack -cocaine hit avoid the main highways. Big Agriculture and the Democrats (let's not forget who scored big from all those nasty factory hog farms) run this state which is quickly headed toward the bottom. Another example of the violence here is shown by a Robeson County School Board member admitting using an axe handle to beat his teenage daughters.
Who will benefit from this inept school system? Why the Christian schools and the Home Schooling movement of course. Christian school enrollment is skyrocketing here. The governor of North Carolina tried to get the lottery approved to balance the increasing deficit in the budget this year, but the churches don't want any form of gambling. Violence, yes, Gambling, no. The horse racing industry tried to get an OK for horse racing-gambling in North Carolina, but the churches defeated that. Same thing with medical marijuana. In Robeson County, it is illegal for a small farmer to raise a chicken, hog, or turkey, then slaughter it for sale to the public. It is illegal for that same, now bankrupt, small farmer to raise a horse, then try to enter it in a local race to make some money and get some recognition. Multinational corporations run this state government and so does Big Agriculture. Try to find some non-Roundup Ready soybeans in Robeson County, bet you can't do it. But you see, around here, it's just "Don't hurt me Boss, I'll register Democrat again" !!!
For another time, I will write about another insane situation in North Carolina, the complete trashing of the once-beautiful Green Swamp wilderness area, soon to be the giant landfill for the trash from the capital city of Raleigh, home of the most incompetent and crooked legislators in the nation.

Miss Wackenhut



More to come 09.Oct.2002 14:18


The result of forced intergration and immigration. What do you expect when all the work goes to foreign countries and and all the foreign workers come here. As the economy continues to plummet expect more of the same nation-wide. When it comes to putting food on the table the myth of "racial harmony" goes out the window...

No, skinhead 09.Oct.2002 14:54

No-Doz Bukowski

Jesus. It's Volksfront.

Why is it then that incidents of racial violence like this are the exception? For every community that arrives at a brief episode of racial violence, there are a thousand that live in their naturally integrated state and never experience anything else.

The myth of the white race is a destructive and ignorant belief. Where do your ancestors come from? Germany, where the blood of Nordic tribesmen mingled with that of Saxons from the steppes of Asia and Aryans from the North African desert before the whole area was overrun; first by the Romans, and then by the Normans? England, where people of all races and creeds have intermingled since the Celts (more immigrants from North Africa) took over from the Picts, then the Romans took over from the Celts, then the Normans took over from the Romans, then the Britons took over from the Normans, then Elizabeth and Bonnie Prince Charlie allowed people from all over the known world to move in and become citizens? Imbecile. There is no pure bloodline. Or, if there is, it's fucking African and/or Asian. It ain't white.

It is not possible to separate the People by race, because we are all of a single bloodline. Even if one accepts the proposition that Asiatic and African man started out as two separate races in a literal sense; the two have comingled with such frequency and variety since then that it's impossible to draw the line today.

To blame incidents like the one discussed here on race mixing is to ignore the many genuine problems (like inadequately funded schools, irresponsible handling of toxic materials, and the death of the American job market at the hands of the new global economics) that contribute to such tragedies.

If you and your sick friends try to take a foothold in this city again, you will be stopped. There is no place for naziism in Portland. I thought we made this clear when we sent that bitch Metzger off to Idaho.

5000. - N.

History 101 by stuttering moron... 09.Oct.2002 16:09


Nice history lesson. HAHA. Better go read some more idiot. LOL. Normans are Norse stupid and continent doesn't dictate race, regarding your remark about "Asiatic Steppes" perhaps you should read about the Caucasian settlers in Western and Central China over 3200 years ago. It's on Dicovery.com. Or perhaps the Aryan founders of Carthage (Ostrigoths). It funny how you claim to have run the bitch Metzger to Idaho, he was just here again last month and BTW he's from Southern California moron. Typical ranting communist moron, it great for kicks though, so please continue...

Don't you hate the fact there are hundreds of "nazis" in Portland and there seems to be room for even more, haha...

OH YEA 09.Oct.2002 16:16


We are still waiting to be "stopped", haha, where do get this crap, we've been here since the early 80's and all but a few of our members were born in Portland or Oregon... Quit talking that "we gonna get you if you come here shit", because were here and waiting for you to come get us... I really really wish one of you would try to put theirs hands on me, so BRING IT BECAUSE VOLKSFRONT IS HERE...

Vaccination ? 09.Oct.2002 16:39


Well said, No-Doz Bukowski.

Anyway back to the Above Posting. Unless i am mistaken, Fort Bragg is the location where four soldiers (returned from Afghanistan) this summer murdered their wives and themselves in four "unconnected" instances (three were Special Ops). If the above posting is true, one might assume there might be something in the air out there. First thing that comes to mind is Airborne Vaccination surrounding Fort Bragg, and perhaps this is one of those unpleasant side-effects of said vaccination (?) --Somebody let know if I stated the Fort Bragg story correctly.

yawn 09.Oct.2002 17:23


your volksfront racist ideology is still boring.

VF cracks me up 09.Oct.2002 20:12

Race Traitor Earth

You claim to be concerned about our jobs being shipped off to foreign countries, but instead of going after the WHITE MEN who are sending our jobs away, you go off on their vicitims? Wise up!

Oh, and why would an immigrant, without mastery of the local language, geography and customs (and thanks to punks like you, up against racism and violence to boot) be a threat to your employment? Could it be they're BETTER WORKERS than you? SMARTER?

If the bosses can divide us, they win. Anything less than solidarity is stupidity.

moron racist 09.Oct.2002 20:57

a white man

Volksfront, don't you have some cousins you can go fuck and leave the decent people in the world alone? (you know, to preserve the purity of your superior bloodline.)

You might want to check up on your web address. It seems to have been taken over by a bunch of inbred twelve-year-olds.

Oh, wait. I forgot.

"We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools."
--MLK, Jr.

don't trash talk what you don't understand 07.Oct.2004 08:00

Lauren Ashley Locklear

weel just to let you know robeson county is not anyones dirty little secret. i've lived here all my life and i'm seventeen and yes i do attend purnell swett. but you need to shut your mouth and not comment on what you don't understand. Mr. Revels did'nt have a heartattack and and yes we do have riots but what do you expect when you have two different groups that can't get along .. just don't worry about our school until you've been here..

Lumbee Indian 12.Jul.2005 16:06

Chapel Boyz

Let me tell all of you something. The only reason why you KKK or White men are living is because I am letting you. So why dont you look up your history white boy remember we have ran your kind out of Pembroke,NC once ,,,,, and me and my Lumbee Soldiers will do it again... If you think not then come and prove yourselves as your fathers tried to.I DARE ya. I dare you to ride on your truck with your Flags through Pembroke on a Sunday night or in the Purnell Swett High School parking lot after school If you got NUTS you will.



Dont understand 11.Jan.2006 17:38

Zachary Bullard

I Am sick and tired of people who dont understand when you have a tribe that cant get recognition and are stressed out and are told they arent a real race what do the fuck do you think is going to happen. When you are caled a red nigger by some racist skin head son of a bitch you are going to fight fuck something in the air its all the dumb racist out there